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Playoff Line Power Rankings pt2

Welcome back to week two of the Playoff Line Power Rankings! There was a ton of shakeup after last week, so I’m hogcrazy to get back into these rankings after those wacky games. I liked the response to last week’s article so much that I’m going to be keeping things the same and staying anonymous. […]

Playoff Lines Power Rankings

1 – IR x Brady, xxChildxPlease, MrTookYoShi (10-2) Bucs Brady, on Brady, has been pretty much unstoppable. He has the best QB stats in the league and would probably win MVP comfortably in any other year. Add on the fact that ChildPlease is legitimately a top-5 user DL skill wise, and you have a very […]


With the first ever VFL play in game right around the corner, I wanted to take a look at who could potentially be in this game! As I’m writing this the bills are in 7th with the Bengals one game behind them! Bengals play the buccaneers and the browns tonight, both could be losses for […]

Hucci’s Playoff or Bust

Bucs The Bucs are sitting kind of nice going into this week. No chance they miss playoffs. Brady had one hell of a week posting 15TD’s to 2INT’s and going 3-0 in the process. The war between him and Ebok might have been the best game of the year. Beaste had an average week posting […]

Hiigh Times- VFL/NFL Player Comparisons

  vfl week 1&2   TXJamesSmith – 2021 Aaron Rodgers: AR finished his 2021 MVP season with 34 TDs 4 INTS, our very own TXSmith is currently on a similar pace with 18 TDs 2 INTs. What more could be said, coming off an MVP season and emerging again as an MVP candidate this season, […]

Realest Week 2 Preview

This is gonna be a list of something I wanna see from each team heading into week 2. I will start in order from top to bottom by records from week 1.   Chiefs – For me I wanna see Champ line play better competition. In week 1 they played lines that went a combined […]

High Times Week One Recap

  vfl opening week    Packers: Lackluster start for Smitty and Fig at 3-6, but I was impressed with their front office ability to swap Brisket for Fear in a series of trades with the Eagles and Dolphins. Having a team like GB means you always have a shot to win, but the way these […]

The R3al3st Interview

 The self proclaimed VFL GOAT graced me with his presence for this interview, I know his time is valuable so we got straight into the questions! Realest when he plays is usually one of the top DC’s if not the top DC in the league he mixes his play calls up well and makes great […]

Night 1 Recap

First night of the VFL was very interesting as a guy who isn’t taking place in the games.   Packers – I would have to say Packers were the shock of night 1 going 2-1 would be my biggest shocker moment. If you ask them I would bet they thought this would happen but lets […]

HUCCIS Post Bidding Pt 4

Cowboys We got the Cowboys next. Led by MrOhio and BloodyPStain. Ohio is a veteran owner who knows how to manage a team. I just got two questions for management. Why the Cowboys? Dak is trash and hard to use because of his windup. Also why leave so much money on the table. Being a […]

Hucci’s Post Bidding Thoughts Part 3

Buccaneers Some might say this is the best QB room in the league. I would have to agree with that. While others might say that is meaningless if you are surrounded by 500k players. I would have to disagree with that. The knowledge that 3 top-end QB’s bring to the table is game-changing. Most great […]

Superglued Tiger Interview

Tiger is a solid player, can sometimes be a bit cocky, however he definitely has backed up his cockiness when it comes to his performance as a RB! I think defensively he’s pretty average, but on offense he is a game changer type of guy! 1. This being your first season not on Koolaid’s line, […]