Beaste The Commish Top Draftable Teams

VFL team rankings

1.Cowboys Overall got the best roster most balanced team

2.chargers Best passing attack with a solid rb and great defense

3.Ravens Lamar need I say more

4.Titans Solid offense with a freak coming back and decent defense

5.49ers Nick bosa? Solid defense and good offense if mostert comes back would be game changing

6.bengals One of the most complete balanced team available

7.colts Jt buckner carry this solid team

8.Saints Those tackles and a great defense not to mention kamara GGs

9.Eagles A pretty well balanced team with speed on both sides

10.Falcons Pitts! 


Honorable Mentions

Panthers Defense from hell would be scary with cmc back qb and ol only thing holding the team back

Steelers One of the top defensive teams najee is like a baby Henry again like panthers qb and ol holding team back

Raiders A very well balanced team just a little slow at rb

WFT Another crazy defense if they get reset without a reset unusable

Dolphins Interesting team have everything you want beside more superstars very underrated

Broncos Another team that’s lacking superstars they have none but there not lacking in any postions

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