Hitters & Shitters!

This will be part 1 of my article which will be posted once a week. This is week 1 addition of Hitters & Shitters. We will be taking a looks a players who hit if off well from a week to week basis while also looking at the players who shit the bed on a week to week basis.



1) – TxJamesSmithTx – TxJamesSmith put together a stellar week 1. Not only is he the owner leagues 2nd ranked team but he also put up so great number week 1.  James currently has the league best touchdown to interception ratio at 6 touchdowns and 0 Interceptions. He also holds the league second best completion percentage at 67.6%.  All those numbers are great but for me the most important stat is TxJamesSmith is the only QB without a loss on his record.  In week 1 James has wins over Drock , Hutch , Ace Boogs. TxJamesSmith was the one of my hitters for week 1 with his stats and record , the question is will these numbers are wins continue?

2) – F34R Painkiller – First question I have to ask is this Ugongetthiswork 2.0? In week 1 F34R put up off the chart type numbers with a league leading 666 rushing yards ( hes the devil ) and also a league leading 11.5 sacks. While some will say ” well he has Nick Chubb and Myles Garrett ” that might be true but hes still putting up the numbers. He is out performing both of the other running backs on his team Brady and Northzide with less carries and more yards then both. Not only is he out rushing North by almost 300 more yards but he is almost has tripled him in sacks while North was has a salary of 14.5 million and F34R was only 500k. Early on in the season it clear F34R was the best value pick in the bidding. Will this continue or will F34R numbers take a nose dive after week 1?

3) – Crazy Effectz – This guy had a great week at WR. Now looking at his numbers he is ranked 10th at Wide Receiver as far as yard go. But its beyond the numbers it was watching the user skill at wide out and watching his ability to get open. When watching Crazy Effectz against the Chiefs it looked like he was out there running circles around Breesus the self proclaimed best defensive coordinator in the VFL. Not matter what coverage shell the Chiefs put out there this guy found a way to get open. Also while putting up these numbers he was put in a situation where he had to play with two different Quarterbacks during the week which is not easy for a WR to be in sync with different Quarterbacks. Crazy Effectz was another steal in the bidding at for only 1 million.

4) – BLKSUP3RSA1YAN – BLKSUP3RSA1YAN in week 1 had a great week outside of missing a game tying FG because he was higher then a kite ( Literally ). His passing touchdowns in week 1 ( 7 ) are at the same amount of touchdown passes he had total in all of season 6.  His passing yards are also the highest ( lol ) out of any QB who was selected in the bidding within week 1.  BLKSUP3RSA1YAN is the only QB on the Chiefs roster with a winning record. I think if we went back and did the bidding all over again BLKSUP3RSA1YAN would 100% go for more the 4 million considering he was on the superbowl runner up team from season 6. Can BLKSUP3RSA1YAN keep these numbers up or will his ( high ) come down.





1) – Natecashmney – I am very confused when looking at these box scores , Nate has 32 carries , 54 yards and 0 touchdowns YIKKKKEEEESSSSS. Not only is Nate giving the Eagles nothing in from a rushing stand point he is also allowing around 23 points per game as a defensive coordinator. It safe to say with my favorite quote ( Nate is looking like free ass ). Nate is usually a running back who runs the ball better then most and also is known for making plays defensively. With a 14.5 million dollar salary im expecting better from you Nate. DO YOUR JOB.

2) – The Line of Hutch , GoodFellaTg , xKINGJONx – This is the only line in the league that has a record of 0-3 lol. Hutch has the 2nd lowest completion percentage at 47.4% , Jon as a RB/DL only has 151 yards and 1 sack , GoodfellaTg as a DC/DB only has 1 defensive stat LMAO. This line is simply not meshing together and probably needs some type of change. This line is only score 11 points per game while giving up 23 points per game. They put up points and can’t get a stop , I think its safe to say a changing is coming in the near future with this line.

3) – KWAM34MVP – When playing with a quarterback like Abyss expectations are high and KWAM3 has not lived up to the expectations as a defensive coordinator. This defensive is giving up 25 points per game which I believe is the 2nd worst defense points wise besides Omni , Brisket  , Smoove who KWAM3 line somehow managed to lose too. From experience of playing with Abyss he thrives off good defense and good RB play and KWAM3 doesn’t seem to be giving him much of either. Might be time to try out Redwater at DC and see if things change for the better.

4) – DfeetU44 – Dfeet numbers for a 7 million price tag are simply underwhelming. He has the leagues lowest completion percentage at 46% with only 1 touchdown pass. Also on the defensive side of the ball he isn’t giving them much with only 2 pass deflections. Dfeet is one of the leagues highest paid Quarterbacks from the bidding while also giving you the WORST numbers by any QB in the league this far. Dfeet is simply gonna have to get the passing game going to open up the running game for North. At this point I would consider coming out in goal line defense to see if he can make a throw.

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