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S1 Walter Payton Man of the Year Award & Head Coach

Congratulations to the Walter Payton Man of the Year award winner Swaggy Tbs He had this to say: I definitely feel like I could have done way more towards the end, and I plan on getting back to it as soon as the draft, really just a motivation thing, editing takes a lot of my […]

Season 1 MVP

Congratulations to our Most Valuable Player from Season 1.  EboKtsop the Owner and the Defensive Coordinator for the Super Bowl Champion Atlanta Falcons! EboKtsop had this to say about the season: You win some, You lose some

Season 1 DCotY

Congratulations to the Defensive Coordinator of the Year the DC for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tmo! Tmo had this to say about the season : the season was hard fought with the Buccaneers my line held it down Woody and warpath. Only allowing over 20 points once is hard. Good season. Holding blunkey to 15 […]

Season 1 OCotY

Congratulations to the Offensive Coordinator of the Year the Quarterback from the Cincinnati Bengals Joka! Joka had this to say about the season: hell of a season. definitely an interesting one, but its only the start of something great. shoutout to TDsoloo for giving me an opportunity to Gm for em. Sucks we didnt make […]

S1 Positional Awards

Running Back of the Year award goes to Woohdy v2 Wide Receiver of the Year award goes to SixthMallard Defensive Lineman of the Year goes to xxChildplease Line Backer of the Year goes to TMO Defensive Back of the year award goes to Natecashmoney Rookie of the Year award goes to Oxqw Owner of the […]

3VL Extra Awards

Congratulations to the Line of the Year by the Falcons You Glaze Me, Eboktsop, Eat my Glaze with a record of 11- 0 throughout the season Congratulations to the “Shitter of the Year” for having a tough season goes to Shadow

Week 14 Power Rankings

Media has been slacking lately due to IRL things but we are going to take a dive into the power rankings this week. This is solely based on what is on the standings and what i am able to find in the stats system. If you’re salty do yer job and enter stats   1. Falcons […]

Hit or Miss

We will be reviewing every first-round pick and determining whether it is a hit or a miss. This has little to do with pure skill mainly determining if the team owner made a good draft pick at the pick they had.  Pick 1 – Saints selected Wace. Miss. Wace went 4-3 before getting banned. This […]

Fraud Watch

Top 5 players on fraud watch Brady – big jipper is a man of stats. some may think he cares more about stats than actually winning. with that being said, brady is a great player vs mid tier players, but when the lights came on. he threw a crucial pick 6 to lose to the […]

Tink Tink List

GrandpaWarpaths poor little tink tink list If you made this list, you suck. no arguments, no debates, no nothing. you are terrible, uninstall the game, just leave. Qbs: 1. Abyss- I love you, but you quit midgame on your team, as one of the best qb players i know that hurts to see. 2. Grof- […]

Power Rankings S1 W5

disclaimer all of the records are what i found while making this article may be different come time it is posted Chargers (10-1) – Brady and company seem to be dominating and i do not see that changing anytime soon, i expect this team to stay in that number one spot for most of the […]

3VL Newletter S1 W5