Power Rankings S1 W5

disclaimer all of the records are what i found while making this article may be different come time it is posted

  1. Chargers (10-1) – Brady and company seem to be dominating and i do not see that changing anytime soon, i expect this team to stay in that number one spot for most of the near future
  2. Falcons (7-3) – Hexied and Ebok cheesin it up as Pork likes to say they had some controversy this past couple of days but i see them being able to turn that around and stay in this two seed and potentially knock the chargers out of the one seed.
  3. Eagles (6-4) – Swaggy recently traded his GM away for beast while I’m not familiar with one line on this team I do know koolaids tiger and farah will be a tough line all season and swaggy and co look to be another line that is really good
  4. Packers (7-3) – I can’t believe I am putting a blunkey owned team in top 5 but his line of wagboys and Larrylarry seem to be DOMINATING and are able to carry blunkey to this spot can they keep it up or will their backs give out?
  5.  Bengals (5-5) – Joka i know is a really good QB him and brady seem to be the best QB’s in the league and solo is putting up great passing numbers but doesn’t seem to be translating to wins maybe he should try managing the game a little more and keep his defense off the field
  6. Chiefs (6-4) – not familiar with many people on the team but they have the chiefs and i saw someone did a highlight video for clamps and his user skill looks to be top tier based off those clips. I have faith in this team
  7.  Cowboys (6-4) – vengeance and north’s line look to be doing work they just need to figure out the other line and they might be on too something soon!
  8.  Saints (6-4) – not a great madden team but they are getting things done! Wace is killing it! Not having a true punter puts them at a disadvantage due to field positioning not having an ability QB or RB either and this team is still a top team. I like this team, I like what they are doing!
  9. Buccaneers (5-5) – TMO WOOHDY, and  warpath are on a rampage I believe they have only lost one game unfortunately lucky has been struggling, that’s lucky’s MO at this point he struggles to start season but he always finds a way to get on  hot streak I can see them jumping up in these rankings soon
  10.  Ravens (5-3) this team has two really solid lines and shurzi and his line are tough they gave the chargers their only loss and that says something! The other line aint a cake walk either. I want to see how the rest of the season plays out and would love to see some stats entered for them as it is tough to tell how they are actually doing
  11.  Dolphins ( 4-6) –
    velus quitting cruce and verts getting traded then retiring then unretiring, grof is just a hotspot for turmoil it seems lol I like the guy but it seems whatever he touches falls apart, i put them at 11 strictly cause of record but i see them falling more
  12. Seahawks (5-6) – #MVPork pork has been throwing this team on his back that second line needs some changes or a pep talk let’s see if they fall or climb
  13.  Browns (2-8)- I know I know team is 2-8 but i like the line of AV REEBOK and hero and now they have thompson while again i don’t know much about that line I think they will turn things around and in a hurry
  14. Jags (2-8)- abyss quitting might hurt this team more than they are but i know hucci is a good OC and can turn things around
  15. Bills (1-9)- having the bills and being 1-9 is WILD but they have a line that imo will be the bright spot for this team and could help push them if other 2nd half teams start to crumble
  16. 49ers (2-8)- it’s hard for me to see the 9ers this low when teams like the saints are top 8 but sometimes the users just aren’t there and I think this may be the case here.

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