Tink Tink List

GrandpaWarpaths poor little tink tink list

If you made this list, you suck. no arguments, no debates, no nothing. you are terrible, uninstall the game, just leave.


1. Abyss-

I love you, but you quit midgame on your team, as one of the best qb players i know that hurts to see.

2. Grof

Leading the league in Ints is not a good look, yes i know Tua is hot ass cheeks but come on now brother.

3. SuperSaiyan

1 td 5 ints 10 points for. ouch

4. clamps-

im assuming your no longer playing qb after 0 tds 5 ints and only 3 points scored. you need to go to confession because this is a major sin.

5. Warpath-

fucking shitter. 113 points for, but half of those are defensive tds, 2 tds on the year. Jesus christ ur a turd.


1. 2 da crib-

you have the cowboys o line, and pollard and are averaging 4 yards a carry. you and number 2 on this make me want to cry

2. Nate-

Nate what da halibut is going on here. You have jukebox and only hitting just under 4 yards a carry and 1 td?

3. marc-

find the endzone brother. 2 tds is a little rough

4. woohdy-

brother, this guy just sucks

5. rivals-

100 god damn carries? this aint madden 20, tell your oc to throw the damn ball

defensive users-

1. blunkey-

kid is utter garbage so he had to be included somewhere in this article

2. trashpanda-

103 points given up, 3 turnovers. HC may be a good spot to look at going forward

3. Beaste-

Love you buddy, but call your brother and tell him he needs to join, then retire so you can get banned. its time.

4. Eric Cartman-

You have the chiefs but have one of the worst defenses in the league. No one respects your authority, im sorry


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