Fraud Watch

Top 5 players on fraud watch

  1. Brady – big jipper is a man of stats. some may think he cares more about stats than actually winning. with that being said, brady is a great player vs mid tier players, but when the lights came on. he threw a crucial pick 6 to lose to the packers. he is on fraud watch till proven he can beat comp
  2. Blunkey – blunkey claimed to be the “QBOTY” but with his record I don’t know how he thinks that’s possible. he throws the ball.. to his team and the other with no hesitation. think he’s a 1 read wonder and will be on fraud watch till proven otherwise
  3. Joka – he has joe burrow and lost to pork and the seahawks. I don’t know what is going on in cincy but he’s gotta get it together. shouldn’t be losing many games with a PLE qb
  4. Unglued Tiger – tiger claims to be a top running back in the league, but this season i could name 3 Quarterbacks alone with better stick than him. isn’t a game changer is on fraud watch this week
  5. Koolaid – the eagles got off to a hot start quick, some saying a top 4 team in the league. but after last night i don’t know how that’s possible. koolaid was throwing straight books and had his teammates flustered after the game.

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