Hit or Miss

We will be reviewing every first-round pick and determining whether it is a hit or a miss. This has little to do with pure skill mainly determining if the team owner made a good draft pick at the pick they had.

 Pick 1 – Saints selected Wace.
Miss. Wace went 4-3 before getting banned. This pick is a miss. The first overall draft pick couldn’t even finish out the season for his team after only bringing them 4 wins.
 Pick 2 – Seahawks selected Velus.
Miss. I don’t know where this guy is honestly, but wherever he is, it’s definitely not with the Seattle Seahawks, which makes him a hard miss.


 Pick 3 – Packers select WagBoyz
 Hit. WagBoyz has only lost one game so far out of 7. He is a big part of the reason the Packers stand at 10-5. This pick is the first hit of the draft.
Pick 4 – Jaguars select NateCashMoney.
Miss. Nate is currently 3-5 and playing mediocre at best. The Jaguars as a whole sit at 6-9, roughly under .500. However, they are on a win streak currently. I’ll call this pick a miss because playing at such a mediocre level after being drafted this high is not ideal. The Jaguars should have probably picked a quarterback at this spot. Nate is still a great player don’t get me wrong just at this spot and Jacksonville situation no
 Pick 5 – Dolphins select AV.
Miss. This pick is an obvious miss because he is currently playing for another team. Drafting a player this high and then getting rid of him is never a good sign. The Dolphins are currently struggling as they sit at 4-10. This missed draft pick may be a big reason why. The trade benefit from this trade was also low.
 Pick 6 – Buccaneers select Woodhy.
Hit. Woodhy is actually having a good season as the team sits at 7-7. Looking to make a playoff push, Woodhy clearly isn’t a problem in Tampa Bay as he is 6-2.
 Pick 7 – Falcons select Cruce.
Miss. Cruce was selected to the Falcons, struggled a bit early on, and later got traded to Miami for his replacement. This was clearly a miss for ATL. However, Cruce is now performing well in Kansas City. Still, a bad pick for the Falcons for drafting a player they didn’t use properly.
 Pick 8 – Browns select Hero.
Miss. The Browns sit at 4-10, and Hero is 2-2. Maybe it isn’t all his fault as he is a DC, but maybe the Browns should have gone for an OC in the first round. First-round picks are supposed to make a strong impact regardless of teammates, and he is playing mediocre. The Browns are in 13th place with little chance to make the playoffs, making this a miss. Similar to the Nate situation he is a great player just went at the wrong spot to the wrong team
 Pick 9 – Ravens select Shurzi.
Hit. The Ravens are 13-3, and Shurzi is losing 2 games but also winning 6. It seems like the Ravens got the guy they wanted, and they are winning games, so this pick is a hit.
 Pick 10 – Chargers select Fig.
Hit. Fig is currently undefeated, and the Chargers are 12-4. His record is still 7-0. This was a good pick by the Chargers, and it’s showing.
 Pick 11 – 49ers select TPbraves.
Miss. The 49ers were fighting for a last-place spot with the Bills for almost the entire season. TPbraves also recently retired, so this pick was obviously a miss.
Pick 12 – Eagles select KoolAidz.
Hit. I’m on the fence between hit and miss for this one. I feel like KoolAidz isn’t the reason the Eagles are struggling. He had some losses, but only to good teams. I’ll say hit because I believe as the Eagles’ schedule gets easier, they will make a late playoff push with help from their first-round pick.
Pick 13 – Cowboys select North Side.
Miss. It was a hit until it wasn’t. After the Cowboys got embarrassed by the Chiefs, everything fell apart. North Side was traded to Cleveland shortly after. The Cowboys received Thompson in the trade, which was a good pickup. However, why draft a player in the first round if you weren’t going to keep them? After one L…
Pick 14 – Bengals select Orbi.
Hit. Orbi is 6-2, and he is on the opposite line of where the Bengals are struggling. GM Joka and his first-round pick seem to be holding it down, being part of the reason the Bengals are maintaining balance at .500.
Pick 15 – Bills select Vizju.
Miss. The Bills have won one game out of 13, and it isn’t even with Vizju.
Pick 16 – Chiefs select Cowboy.
 Miss. Cowboy got banned around week 1. Self explanatory why this one was a miss

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