Week 14 Power Rankings

Media has been slacking lately due to IRL things but we are going to take a dive into the power rankings this week. This is solely based on what is on the standings and what i am able to find in the stats system. If you’re salty do yer job and enter stats 

 1. Falcons (22-3)- This in my opinion is a no brainer, ebok and hexied are a great line and are currently sitting at an outstanding 10-0 together while the whole team is sitting at the top of points for and have the least points against. Oxqw has gone 5-0 since joining and fitch is 3-0 this team just looks scary on paper and a super bowl favorite

 2. Chargers (21-5) brady and company are always a top team in VFL and the merger shows no this is not a fluke. This team is killing it with 584 points for and 314 points against i believe this team is the falcons only real challenger at this point in time what confuses me is brady is sitting at 7-5 while child please is sitting at 9-0 i believe child gets carried by fig and rivals however a 9-0 record shows he is doing enough to not be losing games. He does however have 11 TDs and only 2 INTs

 3. Chiefs (16-8)- I put chiefs ahead of the ravens just because of mahomes as both teams re 16-8 but chiefs are just a better madden team and with that advantage i see them being able to win close games ravens might not be able to win. They have not entered in all of their stats but from the look of it cruce is 2-0 since joining the chefs. Clamps is 6-2 this team can make some noise headed into playoffs.

 4. Ravens (16-8)- I have ravens at 4th this team will be a contender for sure unfortunately they do not enter stats so im not 100% sure who is putting in the work on this team. I should drop their ranking because of poor management 

 5. Seahawks (16-10)- The 3VL halfway house. This team is full of ps guys only two people on this team currently were on the original roster. #MVPork AKA young toenail has been playing great being top 5 in passing stats. Sacrifice since joining has gone 5-1 and helped this team solidify another line that can win games, something they desperately needed 

 6. Bengals (16-9)- ive heard this team took solo off of QB and went with the falcons approach and brought in some mut talent i can see this team being much higher in these rankings come playoff time joka is sitting at 9-3 and doing is part to lead the team to the playoffs

 7. Saints (12-13)- after losing wace because he was salty he lost a game this team seems to have bounced back and is staying in the top 8 discussion lucky is current 4-2 i believe as a saint and beach has been struggling this season sitting at 4-8 i hope he can turn that around because ive seen him win some tough games

 8. Jaggin off (12-14)=- With abyss retiring i saw this team just spiraling but they have made a rally and in my eyes are a top 8 team easy jags are a hard team to use but they have been getting it done as of late i just would like to see them continue that.

 9. Packers (12-12)- all im going to say about this team is its great to see the “MVP” finally shut up in main chat it brings a smile to my face knowing that blunkey is so embarrassed that he deleted his discord. Because theres no other way bro has been this silent for this long.

 10. Buccs (11-13) Warpath taking this team over after lucky traded away their best players and then proceeding to step down this team has been hanging in there. I know the line of warpath tmo and woody will continue to be a deadly combo for the rest of the season i just want to see a little more out of beaste atm

 11. Browns (10-14) this team was filled with drama about a week ago with reebok retiring and un retiring av threatening to retire and the browns missing their best OL this team has had it rough they however are still in playoff talks and if they can finish out their last few games strong id like to see their matchups in playoffs and see if they can surprise some people on some underdog vibes.

 12. Eagles (9-17) they pretty much get this spot because they are the more active of the last few teams in the league they might get a playoff spot due to just poor management by other teams. I know they have good players on the roster but something just has not been right all season for them. Will they make playoffs? Or will the ff disqualification rule hurt them??

 13. Cowboys (8-18) not much to say since sandie stepped down as owner this team i believe has been ffing a lot of games. Huge bust considering the start they had.

 14. Bills (7-19) not much to say other than this team is a disgrace to madden players lol

 15. Dolphins (6-18) I’m not sure if they’re just not trying or is tua just that bad and they cant use him. 

16 . 49ers (4-20)- wow…. Just wow….. WOW

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