Realest Bid Em Up List!

This is a list of good players in the league who usually go for a value lower then they should or are new guys trying to sneak around playing for certain teams! List will be going by there offensive positions!



1) TexasJamesSmith- Its not that James is sneaky but he is the season 7 MVP , I cant recall a time James has gone into the bidding so I think he could be valued as the highest prospect coming off his MVP season. I would easily look at spending 15 million on James in the bidding.

2) D1 Verts – This is a mut squads QB. I haven’t heard much about him outside of some intel I received from players around the league. I would probably pay 10+ million on this guy because as you seen i recent events guys like Hexied and Cruce came in front the mut scene and helped led the Packers to the SB. Can’t allow these type of guys to skate under the radar going for 500k.

3) BLKSUP3RSA1YAN – Blk is has played in both superbowls in this Madden. Now while I would have Blk high on my list he doesn’t have some limitations at QB that owners should know about. If you getting blk and expecting him to play on a non mobile QB you are setting him up for failure. Blk is a guy who needs a mobile QB to really get the most out of his scheme which makes him effective. I would easily spend 8 mil on Blk but you better have a QB with some speed.

4) DtM x KoolAiDz – Koolaidz is a vet but he struggled some last season. I would label Koolaids as the super knockoff Ponchy. Really just a guy who only wants to throw to his CPU routes and the users are pretty much non factor. Koolaids is probably in the same price range I would pay for Blk. Anywhere from 8-10 million seems about right.

5) Kxng x – This is a guy who is known to play on teams with Chiefs owner champ. Not gonna lie he signed up a QB and I’ve never seen him play QB which gives me trying to sneak around vibes. I would spend 1-2 mil on him just to drive his price up.

6) Userb flawless – Camaro is one of the most underrated QB in the league. I think he very capable of being a solid line 2 QB and a great line 3 QB. In scrim games he loves to joke around alot which could led people to think hes bad but Ive played against him enough to know hes a pretty solid QB. Easily worth 4 to 6 million in the bidding.



1) Ungluedtiger360 – Tiger has been up there for the leads leading rushers for the past few seasons. I think he has a bit of a ego issue but he does put up the numbers. I would spend 5 mil on him

2) WoohdyV2 – Woohdy is always the guy nobody drafts but when he gets a shot he always puts up the numbers. This guy also made some big plays at DB in the superbowl this past season. Like Tiger I think Woohdy is a 5 mil player.

3) WRNZO – Dont know much about RNZO as a person but I know for a while his yards per carry were insane for sometime last season. I also think he was underrated on the DL last season as well. I would go at least 4 mil on this guy in the bidding.

4) WB MVP – Everyone remembers the WB crew from last madden. Im not sure what WB guy it is but I know he plays some mut squads which makes him very aware of the meta of the game. I would throw at least 3 to 4 mil on him I would also message him to see if hes capable of being a DC this season. Could be a steal pickup.

5) AppleDanish – known to play with James Smith. If your going for James Smith this is his RB who I would look to pair with James. Anywhere from 2-4 mil would be the price.

6 ) Northsidez – Now in the past North has been a beast , however this Madden he just doesn’t seem to be as good as he has been in the past. Still a OG in the VFL who I would spend 6 to 8 mil on.



1) SBG Boxing  – This was Hexi DC from last season. One thing I noticed about him was his ability to make quick adjustments defensively which very few are capable of. Also he knows how to get open vs man coverage which is a very important skill set. Going into the bidding I would have him ranked as the #1 DC. This is a guy I would spend 12 to 15 million on.

2) Farah En Fuego – Farah usually comes up with some of the leagues best defensive gameplan on a game to game basis. He studies alot of film and will always have his line prepared going into a game. I also think he is a underrated WR. I would spend anywhere from 13-15 million on him. He is a league vet which goes along way when you can add a vet to a roster looking to compete.

3) ljthegoat23 – This might be most interesting player in the whole bidding. I dont know much about him outside of him being ranked #3 on the mut squads leaderboard. Being ranked that high means you put alot of time into the game which means he has to have a good amount of knowledge for the game. I would message this guy asap and look to make him a DC this upcoming season. I would spend at least 8 million on this guy and maybe then more.

4) Rouge Apollo – Known to play with James Smith. I would add him to a line with James Smith and Danish where they went 11-1 last season which was the leagues top line. 4 to 6 million easily.


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