Pre-Bidding Line Rankings

  1. Ponchy, Realest and Nedley

Putting Realest in the top of both lists doesn’t sound right but to be honest this list comes after they signed up as a line. The return of Ponchy and Realest, especially as a team, should be a dominant performance. Ponchy and Realest being at the top of their respective positions is a tandem not many seen coming. You throw in Logic and this line is damn near perfect. Both Realest and Logic are phenomenal defensive players. Ponchy has set the meta with the Cards PB. Ponchy always has great schemes and with teammates like this I only see his offense getting better and better. Look for this team to have a huge price tag on it.

  1. Hexied, Boxing and Adidas

This line has a lot of depth on both sides. Hex being a solid schemer and passer. Boxing has perfected the DB Fire Meta. They will be mad that they aren’t #1 but until I see Hex with no XF QB, that won’t change. I know Ponchy has used them before which is why I ranked them higher. Hex and Boxing are solid users with a great mind for adjusting mid game. As for their teammate Reebok, I haven’t seen him play so I don’t really have a lot of insight on him. MUT players are always hip with the Meta. I anticipate he will be a great player because I know Hex wouldn’t play with shitters. My expectations for Reebok are set pretty high. Expect this team to be a tough team to go against this season.

  1. Champ, Farah and Accountant

Champ and Farah have always played together. They have always been successful together. Champ has a high powered offense with a phenomenal free-form back shoulder scheme. Its really tough to stop. Farah is a solid defensive playcaller and receiver. Their chemistry is unmatched in this league. Then you throw in quite possibly the best DL currently in the league, Accountant, and this line looks scary. Accountant is a beast on the DL. Getting hella pressure with 4 down line nobodies. I remember an in house we played where he sacked me like 6 times with 76 OVR Jaelen Phillips. Offensively he doesn’t show up much but he definitely makes up for it on the defensive side. Champ and Farah were favorites to win the SB with Hex last season. Unforeseen circumstances cut that run short. I expect them to be in contention wherever they land this season.

4. Hucci, Nate and Trey

Being unbiased about my line is going to be kind of tough but Ill try though. Me and Nate go way back and we have known each other for years. Some of my most fun nights ever playing Madden were with Nate and Chino. While we were opposition in the SB we have always been good friends. Which is what brought this line together. The SB was bittersweet for me because we robbed Nate (he robbed me in a CFM SB so we are even). While Trey and I minced words before the games, it was all in the competitive spirit. With me, you get a 3 time B2B2B SB winning player. I just went through the no QB ability nightmare in Philly. So I got more reps than most with no XF QB. Nate who has perfected the DB Fire Meta as well and is a formidable RB/DL. Nate led the league in sacks like 2-3 seasons ago. He’s a good runner and receiver out of the backfield. Just a really balanced player. Did I mention he has 2 SB rings? Then we roll on to our 3rd, Trey. Trey made and impact at receiver last season, destroying man coverage on his way to the SB. On defense his user is up to par with some of the better players in this league. Trey hypes the discord up with taunting and calling people out but he always backs it up. This line has the potential to be a dominant line. I look forward to making a run to the playoffs this season.

  1. Lucky, Jacc and MidnightxYork

Love him or hate him, Lucky is going to be tough competition in any game he plays. Despite all the hate Lucky is a great QB. His scheme isn’t all that complex but his ability to make the right read quickly is the difference.  In my opinion he probably goes through his progressions and makes a read quicker than anyone in this league. Also he isn’t afraid to call out top lines. Comp doesn’t scare him. Had the VBA ownership fumble not happen, Lucky could’ve went to the SB. Jacc is a consistent player. Him and Lucky get along well so I’m sure they have already started cooking up shit together. I’m not sure about Jacc as a defensive play caller. I haven’t watched many of his games. So I guess ill get to see it as it happens this season. I expect Lucky and him to work on the strategies together. As for their 3rd. I haven’t played with him in quite awhile but the first thing that comes to my mind about York is (Great fkn Teammate). I remember playing with him and he was always vocal and communicated. Sometimes keeping the energy and the hype up is what you need to push your team through diversity. York delivers that. This line has potential with Lucky at the helm.  I look forward to seeing how well they do this season.

  1. The AP Line

The AP line have been flying under the radar for quite a few seasons now. I don’t get how because they have been giving people hell game after hell game for quite a while. These guys are a tough matchup for anyone. When I first got back into this league the AP line was viewed as a “stat game”. I guess they finally hit their flow state and got their chemistry going because now they are a hell line to play. These guys have stuck to their guns. Always just teaming up with each other no matter how bad it got. Finally, their chemistry, gameplan and skill have moved them into the next tier of competition. Any team landing the AP line will benefit from it. They have used a lot of shit teams and still done well so this line would be an excellent addition to any team.

  1. UserB, Aries and Redwater

Tote the rock and play defense is the advertisement for this line.  Aries being the highlight of this team. UserB is a solid QB when it comes to game management. He controls the ball and has a good running scheme. He can make the throws when he needs to but don’t look for him to light up the scoreboard passing. He’s a great game manager. Having Redwater in the backfield will help him with that. Redwater is a great option at RB. Easily in the top 6 for backs in the league. I know with UserB’s scheme Redwater will be featured heavy.  My only question mark for Redwater is why did he switch off DL? He’s a great back but I honestly think he is an even better DL. As for Aries, there isn’t much that needs to be said. Aries is a baller and led the league in INTS the season before last. While he skipped a season I don’t expect any less from him this season. He has a tough defense and will be a tough go for any team on the opposition.

  1. Wicked, Johnny and Greedy

These guys signed up and are trying to fly under the radar. I don’t know much about Greedy but Johnny and Wicked are fkn ballers. Also another team coming from the MUT streets. They are hip with the meta on both sides of the ball and can counter most of it I’m sure. I have known these guys for years. Ive played with and against them a lot. Not only are they great players, they are great dudes as well. I look forward to seeing what they bring to the table this season. Any team would be fortunate to snag these fellas

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