GOTW 1 Recap

After a comeback in the final seconds, the Bengals advance to 1-0, while the Eagles fall to 0-1. There is still game 2 to come. Will the Eagles bounce back in game 2? Or will the Bengals go for the game of the week sweep?

We had a post-game interview with quarterback Joka and running back Tiger.

Unbelievable comeback victory! What changed between the first and second half? Any play in particular that you remember being the game-changer? What has to improve going forward?

Joka: Honestly, one of my worst performances in a long time, but I do think with our teammate lagging out changed the momentum. But we came together and didn’t give up. I give full credit to my teammates. Glad we got the win. I don’t see myself playing like that again in the future, lol.

Phenomenal game of the week down to the wire. Had a pretty typical Tiger performance, what was working? Unfortunately, y’all didn’t come out with the win. What was the biggest factor in that? What has to change going forward?

Tiger: Stretches were able to give me time to read and find holes. Running routes out of the backfield was also pretty successful. Defensively, Sin had a good scheme. Ultimately, it came down to never playing in a game together and a miscommunication on the last play of the game. We just have to have our line with the chemistry and know each other’s play styles. It’s easy to swap head coaches in and out week in and week out, but an offensive coordinator or a defensive coordinator is definitely something you want to keep consistent.

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