VFL Season 7 Owners REVEALED

As many of you know this has been a difficult past month for the league. From the sale of the league happening midseason to finishing out what was a very poorly ran league to the finish line with a sloppy ending. But the new staff is promising a new direction with a much better foundation that will lead to a better overall experience. That change starts today with us staff selecting the owners that we believe, will do the best job developing competitive rosters and being role models in this community. So without further to do, I’d like for you to checkout our season 7 owners!

Abyss – Abyss has been a staple within the league. No matter what position he is in, he has always been considered a top player. Choosing to return as an owner this season, he will undoubtedly be the early favorite. Rumors have surfaced of Koolaidz or IAMBeaste will be looking to join him. When asked for a comment on his return to ownership Abyss chose not to respond.

Aceboogs – Aceboogs returns as an owner after falling just short of a championship. He is so close to achieving greatness he can almost taste that Super Bowl trophy. The rumor mill has not shed much light on his potential general manager choice this season, but a little birdy has whispered that Kuhrow could be making a return. When I asked about the upcoming season Aceboogs said:

“Another owner I wanna call out lucky  ebok and drock All of y’all are my sons and aren’t man enough for ownership and you’ll see in due time that any of y’all cant knock me off my grind my shine cause I’M BACK and I’m in my prime f*ck a ebok drock Sheetrock shmeock RAVENS IN 4 JUST WIN BABY

EboKstOp – Ebok has just finished winning his first Super Bowl championship and many would argue, the best season of his career. Being known as a bit of a troll, he has struggled appealing to many players on prior teams, pushing some into retirement. Hopefully ebok can find a better balance this season, focus on being an owner and not just a good player. When asked about other owners hating on him, ebok said:

I have nothing to say to these owners they should be more concerned with keeping up with the Super Bowl champ than reading my comments”

 TxJamesSmithTX – TexasJames and his Chiefs were a favorite last season to make a Super Bowl run early on. Unfortunately, QB troubles and man coverage hurt on their way in the playoffs. Looking to get that first Super Bowl ring TexasJames is returning with a vengeance. He will most likely have Rogue Apollo as his general manager but the question has to be asked, is it time for him to cut the dead weight his friends carry and go for the title? When asked about this upcoming season JamesSmith said:

“I’m gunna take this time to call out Drock personally I don’t see how he is owner again between Drock Realest, and Areis they show the poorest and most pathetic display of ownership I have ever seen Its a shame to have them come back again I hope to see them on the field so they can show everyone the quitters they are”

 Lucky Dabs – Lucky Dabs was the cinderella story of season 6. Many teams considered him to be a bit of a goof and many still do even after his Super Bowl run. Returning once again as an owner, hopefully he can create a good environment for his star quarterback. After Shig and Ponchy both had issues, Lucky’s management techniques have come under much scrutiny. When asked about his ownership position, Lucky was quoted as saying:

All the owners are ok I guess all i know whoever draft Rusty(ibprofam) better be ready Im matching up with him every week. Im sure hell hide behind his quarterback being bad instead of the fact he spends all day on the game and is trash”

 Tpbraves57 – Tpbraves is new as a new owner and it will be interesting to see how he convinces his star players to come to his new organization. Falling just short of a Super Bowl, Tp wants this upcoming season in his hands instead of others. The media team caught up with him to get his comments on being a first time owner, Tp braves said:

“when I first join the league Lucky told me I wasn’t good enough to play. My first goal this season is to win a super bowl. Goal 2 is to expose Lucky for how garbage he is. By the end of this season hell want to quit just like last season”

 Drock – Drock might be the most controversial returning owner this season. With his poor management and people skills, he is often referred to him as the Dan Snyder of the VFL. Rumors say he had a good enough interview to retain his ownership for this season. The media team did not get a chance to catch up with Drock for any comments.

JohnnyWheels – Johnny wheels has been a long time player in the VFL. He has shown desire of becoming an owner since season 4 and after being general manager for multiple seasons, he finally gets his opportunity. Many will be counting Johnny out before the season even begins, but his team could be a dark horse candidate if he does well in the VFL bidding. The media team could not catch up with Johnny for any comments on his new ownership.



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