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  Johnny wheels vs the world..

#4 TpBraves is doing his best Howie Roseman impersonation in an attempt to get the Eagles roster right in time for playoffs. BengalzFlash adds a much-needed veteran presence, while their latest addition of Trash Sticks could be their missing link to VFL relevance. Heading into W3 this team needs to build on these acquisitions and build up some chemistry before playoffs begin.  

#3 The PICKLEGATE controversy that is the Jaguars unfortunate reality. Groff did all he could this season, he reassembled his typical crew and drafted extremely well with the selections of Ponchy, Brisket and Blak… or so we thought. This team is the best example to showcase how top players in our league rarely prefer a true challenge or really doing anything out of their Madden comfort zones.  

#2 After WK1 BeachMode and the Dolphins surely looked the part of “Dud of the league”. Their GM had scheduling conflicts and the team as a whole couldn’t find a way to win games. Maybe chemistry was finally built, maybe it was their addition of QB Wace, but now sitting on a 5-game win streak, this team is getting hot at the perfect time. Beach deserves A LOT of credit for being the consistent VFL player he’s always been. 

#1 Brady pulls an actual Tom Brady, retires…. then unretires shortly after. Now I’m personally happy to see that issue resolved, Brady is a solid owner and always puts together great lines and teams in this league. My only question is, sitting at 9-3 they are poised for a top spot once playoffs begin, but will this added bump in the road of controversy derail their winning ways? 










#4 Heading into S11 I gave the Bills my highest grade of the draft, thus far it would seem like I have zero clue… The Bills ended the week 2-4, but what was most surprising was the Hucci- Nate- T1 line going 0-3. Naturally, they demoted their HC and brought up a replacement to hopefully give a spark to the already extremely talented line. 

#3 In one of the most intriguing matchups of Week 1, the Ravens (Realest- Mallard- Telos) squared up against the Dolphins (Champ- Fara- Aries). What was supposed to be a back-and-forth affair, quickly turned into one team completely outclassing the other. This game perhaps snowballed into what ended up being a 0-6 week for the Dolphins.

#2 Battle for QB Supremacy:  Ned, Realest and Lucky all going 3-0 in Week 1, followed by strong 2-1 performances by Ponchy, Warpath and Abyss. As far as rankings based on Week 1- Hard to deny Ned converting almost 83% of his 52 pass attempts, though Abyss and his 5TD 1INT ratio is equally impressive. Would have to consider dark horse candidates like ChildPlease as well, going 2-1 on the week while playing mistake free football in all 3 games with 31 passing attempts. Too early to say, but numerous QBs are hot out the gate. 

#1 The Eagles and the VFL have a history. Quite possibly one of the worst seasons in our leagues history, the Season 7 Eagles ran by Johnny Wheels and Blunkey were the dumpster fire of all dumpster fires… that is until now perhaps. Not only did the Eagles go 0-6 in Week 1, but they also lost their owner. Depending on how Week2 goes, this season’s Eagles could go down as the worst VFL team OF ALL TIME. Maybe next time we’ll do 8 Owners and 3 Lines??











10 – 49ERS

Gmen took a massive swing when he snagged the 49ers in the opening round. The team selection is fine, that roster is CRACKED.. the questionable aspect is taking them R1 above teams like KC, BUF, PHI, MIA. User selections get even more intriguing when an RB/HC was taken in the second round (Paid Dough). On the bright side, Gmen landed a massive value with pick with his third selection (Kurhow). 


9 – Eagles

Another scenario where a team was taken in the 1st round well before community projections. This team also was at a disadvantage after trading away a 2nd round pick earlier in the day.. Assuming that could have caused FoeAlpha’s desperation to land his team. As far as the player selections, time will tell since these 2 lines are mostly friends and not VFL veterans being forced to play together.   GRADE: D

8 – Seahawks/ Switched to Jaguars

VFL veteran Groff comes back into some good fortune after landing the 2nd pick and then trading up to the first selection and taking #1 ranked QB Ponchy. Followed by another high risk/ high reward selection in Brisket, Groff did very well targeting established high IQ players in this draft. The only true question mark is his team selection (Wrote this article prior to team switch.) Jaguars are a more viable option this season. 


7 – Bengals

Hogcrazy and GM ChildPlease aligned themselves with fellow VFL veterans to put together a very well known roster. The Bengals give them a strong team to user and other than Beaste switching from OC to DC, this group should do well this season.


6 – Cowboys

Lucky does what he’s been doing for quite some time now and put together another potential SB winning roster. Lucky was the owner who gave the MUT crew an opportunity in the past, now this season we see him brining in some new faces to the league (Very former VFL Players). 



5 – Ravens  

If I can boast for a moment, where I believe this team possibly won the draft this season was with their 42nd selection of the Baltimore Ravens. Players still have to play and games need to be won and this team does have potential question marks especially at OC with their first selection Realest.    GRADE: B

4 – Dolphins

The Taylor Swift/ Travis Kelce couple of the VFL, Beach and Champ headed into the draft with an obvious gameplan of selecting the players they select/play with every season.


3 – Chargers

No D riding here, but typically speaking any team Brady is apart of does fairly well. Brady drafted his typical crew, but also took a chance on the former ownership group of Fig and Smitty. This is a very low risk, high reward move basically brining on another Owner and GM for added consistency, which is very key from a line 2.


2 – Bills

Abyss and Hucci were already ahead of the curve by heading into the draft being two top end QBs. Their team pick and strong selections of Fear and Nate only solidified this teams path to a possible SB this season.     GRADE: A

1 – Chiefs aka Team Toxicity : Ned made the obvious selection at #3 and brought in the game changer that is TMO, though this season he is apparently playing DC. This ownership group plus the addition of TMO quite possibly have the best chemistry day one, adding Hex as their 2nd QB will either destroy the league or their locker room. Last time Ned and Hex played together, the result was one person quitting mid-season and the other turning on his Owner publicly after a playoff loss. GRADE: B

Top 5 Undrafted Players

  LET’S assume some lines get blown out w1, after that target these PLAYERS.

#5 TPBRAVES- A veteran of the league, who has had many successful seasons at Owner. I would assume he went undrafted because this is the first time- in a long time, he’s not been a part of Ownership and he recently decided to switch from OC to DC. After speaking to Braves, he would still play OC for the right team. I would definitely recommend owners keep him on their radar moving forward, he’s a Swiss army knife that has open availability!

#4 Pork – Not so long ago, Pork was regarded as one of the most promising new players in the VFL. He had a dominant season playing along KoolAidz, where he was a Top10 WR and DL. With the ability to DC and solid football knowledge overall, Pork is a plug and play user who can help any team looking for stability at the WR position. 

#3 Blunkey- No this is NOT a typo, as hated as he may be by some of the league, time and time again he has proved to be at the very least a bottom 10 QB within this league. With Quarterback being the most important position on the field and the VFL having very few “elite” options at said position, I think it would be wise for Owners to keep in contact with Blunkey moving forward. 

#2 Lurker- Very surprised he wasn’t drafted last night. It could possibly be due to his position change? Either way, he’s a veteran of the league and is very capable of helping a team with a QB need or apparently DC since that’s his signed-up position. 

#1 The AP Boys- Now with that said, It’s the AP boys minus Vermont. Still though, Utah and Swift have slowly but surely become household names within the VFL and are probably the most chill dudes you will find in the league. The fact they went undrafted has to be because they didn’t tryout for Owners. Don’t be foolish and hit one of these dudes up before someone else does, but I highly suggest getting both if you do. 








My Exclusive Interview w Blunkey aka Hercules

The shocking VFL interview of the year…

Like Sean Penn, when he interviewed cartel king pin El Chapo, I’ve snuck into enemy lines to bring our community this exclusive and riveting one on one sit down with the man we call Blunkey, a man who would appreciate it if we would instead call him “Hercules”. 


  1. Greeting/ Introduction

– I was surprised at the willingness of Hercules to be interviewed by myself, he seemed overly interested and calculated with his responses to each of my questions. My goal with this interview was to potentially unlock some truth behind this heavily criticized man… Diving into his glory and recent awards, but also examining his fails, such as numerous league mutes and scam allegations. 

  1. How did he get here??

  • It’s quite funny to hear the reason Hercules is in the VFL today, is heavily due to the recruitment of former league member JohnnyKnoxville aka the VFL meme. According to Hercules himself, his Cinderella story started in S4 when he went from ECU RB to starting QB, in a playoff game versus Hucci- a game he ended up victorious. 


  1. Shots Fired At Hucci??

  • I asked Blunkey straight up, what does he think of the multiple time champion Hucci?? His answer was exactly what you would expect, but slightly more insightful than I expected. He gave the NFL comparison of Brock Purdy and said Hucci is just that.. A QB that can win games with tons of talent surrounding him but will rarely elevate a team. He also noted that Hucci has taken the cowards way to a victory on multiple occasions against him, only fueling this expected rivalry.  


  1. Why does the league dislike you??

– Time for the real HARD HITTING questions. I followed up the Hucci banter with a question I’ve always wanted to ask Blunkey aka Hercules. Now once again, his answer was what you would expect, he took the spotlight off himself and his actions, while throwing as many people under the bus as possible BUT in a slight way I totally understand his response. Here is his exact quote. “I think it all comes down to personality. I have a big personality that a lot of owners aren’t ready for. It’s the same reason why a lot of NFL teams didn’t want to bring in Cam Newton even though he is worthy of being a back up QB – it’s because they know he’s a big locker room presence. But if we take a look through my whole VFL Career I’ve been playing with guys like Game Green, Spacious Horse, T1 Anime, Zabriel, etc. And that’s no disrespect to those guys but they don’t even get drafted in a typical season. And I was able to win OCOTY and big games with a poor/decent Supporting cast so I’ve proved I’m able to elevate the people around me in non-perfect situations”.


  1. Look in the mirror.

– Hercules clearly thinks of himself in very high regards, so I wanted to ask him how he would go about ranking himself within the top QBs of the VFL. He did give kudos to Brady and rightfully so, but in typical Blunkey fashion, he stated by the end of this season he will have finally dethroned Brady of the #1 QB ranking. I followed that question up by asking where he would rank Ace… His response “Out of the top10”.


  1. Ponch Rivalry? 40 point loss??

– With rumors of the “great” Ponchy gracing us mear mortals with his presence this season, I wanted Blunkey’s thoughts on his QB ability. His response ” I think ponchy had a good run for a little, but I think he got saved by the highball mechanic in 22. This year will be different. I’m also not high on him after me and Telos beat him by 40 points”.

  1. Rapid Fire Questions

  • Before our time was up, I wanted to shoot out a couple more questions, but this time around since Hercules had been very calculated in his responses, I wanted quick, short and sweet responses, using just 1 word or as few as possible to answer. FIRST QUESTON: “How would you describe your awful season of ownership with Johnny Wheels?” RESPONSE: ” Out of my control” NEXT QUESTION: “Did you really try and scam people out of $$??” RESPONSE: “Nah”… LAST QUESTION: “Who would you say is the most overrated player in the VFL?” RESPONSE: “TMO”……









Early Thoughts on S11 Owner/GM Selections

3 Articles in 1 week? Crown me The Media Champ

The season is off and running as this week staff unleashed our “new” rule changes to great applaud by the community. Seeing the VFL get back to its roots, while adding much needed updates, is something that could ultimately save the league as we move forward. The biggest news comes from the recent Owner and GM announcements, overall showcasing familiar faces, with some mild early controversy.  


  1. Brady & The Same Line He Has Every Season.

– If Brady wasn’t someone I liked personally, I would have a little more to say on his GM decision (Northside). What I will say is: Any time these three line up together, the rest of the league is forced to take notice. As always it will be interesting to see how well they perform, as most of the league tries to catch up to the chemistry they already have together. 


  1. Abyss & OF COURSE Hucci Is GM For Another Elite QB.

  • Just like Brady, Abyss is someone I respect greatly- from his Madden capabilities to all his work so far this season with improving the league. Call me Salt Papi, but it will never not grind my gears seeing elite QBs teaming up together rather than creating their own deal. Either way, this will be a dominant force that has the ability to win it all… My first article of a potential Hucci v Ebok rivalry now has a real shot to happen!


  1. BeachMode & Champ, I’ll NEVER call him CPayne.

  • This shit is HOT! All typical Highwalkr smack talking aside, I love this pairing for each player. Beach is the veteran nice guy of the VFL, who never gets the opportunity of playing with elite talent- now he gets that shot. As for Champ, I respect the move and think it’s what the VFL truly needs right now. Once he brings in his typical line mates, I’m confident they will all work together and have a solid season. 


  1. Lucky & Hex….. Oh wait nvm, Accountant.

– I hope someone is at least following my articles because I predicted the drama that is Lucky being an owner in the VFL. Now I will say this, replacing Hex for Accountant is actually a very strong move and it’s awesome to see Accountant back in the VFL. Lucky figures shit out and one way or another his team will get wins.. The big question is, what’s next for the odd man out Hexied???!


  1. Yeezus & Waparth

– Not to toot my own horn, but this is another pairing that is truly interesting and good for the league. Warpath has a long history in the VFL, high and lows.. but most definitely someone who has the ability to win big games. For myself, I have a lot to prove as a player, but when I’m apart of ownership my resume speaks for itself. 3 seasons = 3 playoff births / 1 SB appearance and 1 best season record. 


  1. HogCrazy and ?????

– I don’t truly have enough information to give any sort of prediction on this ownership. I will say this, Hog is the only dude I know that uses our In-houses/Tryout channel to recruit/play public matches! #MakeScrimsGreatAgain

  1. Ned & Ebok

  • In a league filled with NBA Super Teams, why not add one more for good measure. Call me old fashion or a broken record, but I preferred the 80s and 90s era over the Lebron era. 


  1. Kobe & ?????

– I played on the Eagles with Kobe, the season we went to the SB and lost to Brady… (Pain). He is a solid player and brings with him a crew of talent that has played Madden together for quite some time. He hasn’t announced his GM yet, but I would recommend another old teammate of his TPBraves or possibly take a shot at the newly available Hexied. 



9. Blunkey





Ebok’s How To Be An Owner For Dummies

MEDIA… MEDIA… Media.. Ban Blunkey..


IMO there’s currently about 20 teams that you can easily win a Super Bowl with in Madden 24 so owners should prioritize players over teams.

The gameplay of Madden 24 has made it to where teams without Set Feet Lead or Pass Lead Elite can easily win games. Last Madden if you didn’t have a velocity ability on your QB then you were cooked but now on Madden 24 every QB throws the ball quick enough to whereas an owner you should be thinking of the team outside of the QB to decide who you want to pick. One could argue that Juke Box or Evasive is a more important ability in regs than Set Feet Lead or Pass Lead elite. With that being said unlike previous maddens the ability Edge Threat or Edge Threat Elite is just simply not good this year. Interior dlineman with El Toro are the go-to for pass rush in regs. Run stopping abilities are very important this year since the run game is very good. Zone abilities like Deep Out/In Zone KO are way more valuable than man knockout abilities this year (Acrobat is the closest thing to not having a zone knockout). If i was an owner i would value player picks over team picks for Madden 24. I probably would even go so far as to not spend my pick on a team until the final round of the draft. Also, if you’re an owner this season i hope you do your research to see who is on IR in the NFL & when that player will return before picking a team. Good Luck to all the Owners & hopefully no one shits it up on draft day.


  1. Eagles

– The Eagles have the best oline & defense in regs.

– They are 1 of 3 teams that get access to the extra hot routes in the slot.

– Jalen Hurts finally got some love in madden & is actually ELITE for once.


  1. Chiefs

– Mahomes has Hot Route Master & Pass Lead Elite.

– One of the fastest WR rooms.

– Chris Jones is by far the best dlineman I’ve seen in regs. Guy gets crazy pass rush every play as a CPU in 4 down lineman sets. (Aaron Donald is probably better but the rams are ass).

– Fast Secondary.


  1. Bills

– Second best Defense in the game behind Philly.

– Josh Allen Pass Lead Elite & Diggs Juke Box.

– Damar Hamlin on the field gives your team +100 morale.


  1. Chargers

– Top 5 defense on the game even after trading away JC Jackson.

– Herbert Pass Lead Elite.

– Ekeler is very good & LAC has a speed WR unlike last year.


  1. Bengals

– Burrow Set Feet Lead & Fearless.

– Joe Mixon is still very good even after losing his abilities.

– One of the best WR rooms in the game.

– Defense is Extremely fast & very good.


  1. Dolphins

– Dolphins could be the 3rd best team in the game if you were comfortable with tua & had a crazy playbook to throw bombs.

– Even without Ramsey(should be back during the VFL szn) they still have a borderline top 5 defense in the game. A lot of speed in the secondary.

– Best WR room in the game plus 95 & 96 speed RBs(idk when achane will be back).


  1. Cowboys

– Second best oline & Top 5 Defense in the game.

– Dak is actually useable this Madden thanks to the Velocity buff to QBs.

– WR room is fast plus CeeDee is great.


  1. Ravens

– Lamar Has the best release in the game for QBs.

– Zay Flowers, Duvernay & OBJ are actually good.

– Mark Andrews is the best TE in regs. Matchup Nightmare plus Lamars Tight Out allows him to catch anything & will agg anyone.

– Defense is good but not great.


  1. 49ers

– 9ers are 1 of 3 teams that has access to the extra hot routes out of the slot.

– CMC is the Madden 24 version of Nick Chubb, WR room is very good & Kittle is goated.

– Defense is good but definitely doesnt represent how good they are IRL.

– Sadly they traded away Trey Lance So you basically have to use Brock Purdy. Purdy has 84 throw power which is god awful but when you have CMC on your team you could just press the A button & hand that fucker off every play.


  1. Jaguars

– Trevor Lawrence has gunslinger & high throw power so he’s very good.

– Etienne is up to an 88 now & the WR room is very good. (sadly they moved on from the GLITCH Dan Arnold 6’6 TE).

– Defense isn’t good so you’re strictly picking the jags for the offense.


  1. Packers

– For whats its worth Jordan Love has slinger 1. I personnel dont like slinger 1 this madden but when you have a juke box RB & a 96 speed WR then you’ll make it work.

– Aaron Jones has juke box, Watson has 96 speed & Luke Musgrave is 6’6 with 89 speed.

– Defense is essentially the same from last madden minus Amos. 2 run stopping abilities & Jaire Alexander With Acrobot & his man coverage abilities. 

– Kenny Clark got moved to LE this madden which gives him more utility on defense & the secondary is Fast.


  1. Saints

– Derek Carr is great for a “low tier” team.

– Kamara has Juke Box & RB Apprentice.

– Good WR room.

– Defense is actually one of the better defenses on the game. Lattimore has Deep Out Zone KO.


Honorable Mention




– Saquon has Juke Box & Leap Frog.

– WR room is elite.

– Defense is fast but sadly Isiah Simmons is a MLB 🙁




– Its the Madden 22 version of the Bucs minus Tom Brady.

– Baker has 94 throw power and a very good release.




– Top 5 defense in the game.

– Pitts is the 2nd best TE in the game, Bijon is very good & they have Scottie Miller.

– Ridder is fast with 91 throw power so as long as you have a good scheme he will be fine.





Honorable Mention: Bwall Vs The World… He will literally argue with anyone. 

#5 Abyss VS Kwame (500K SB MVP) – This rivalry started back in S8 when the highly accomplished Abyss left his team mid-season. Leage speculation led us to believe that Abyss retired abruptly due to lack of talent from his line. The story gets interesting that following season (S9) when Kwame, a member of that Abyss line- went on a Cinderella like run at QB of all positions and ended up winning a SB. Seeing these two face off this upcoming season is most certainly a David vs Goliath matchup I want to witness. 

#4 Hiighwalkr vs Lucky (whatever his clan name is today) – I can’t really call this a rivalry, but it’s definitely a complicated relationship with a lot of VFL history. On a positive note, Lucky is a very consistent player/owner in this league. On a negative note, this man loves the drama and his teams are typically filled with it! Personally, I hope we both land ownership and I would enjoy squaring up against his line Week 1. 

#3 Realest vs TMO- This is more wishful thinking, but both of these men have crowned themselves the DC’s of the VFL and it’s time to see who’s truly the best. 

#2 Ebok vs Hucci – The Master versus the Apprentice battle we all deserve to finally see. Season after season, we would witness these two squad up and create havoc among other teams/owners. I say, enough is enough.. Ya’ll both have had success together, why not finally show the league who truly is Head Huncho! 

#1 The reigning OPOTY Blunkey vs Brady’s Line – This is hands down must see TV, the rivalry got even deeper this last week between Blunkey and Dfeet and the conversation of stat padding/his award win. I think the league’s matchmakers owe all of us this game ASAP. Sunday night, Prime Time football…. Blunkey wins or Blunkey loses by 50, win win for everyone involved here. 

PS: You can expect many MANY more articles like this, leading up to the VFL draft. Please tell me how awful my opinions are in Gen Chat, even bad pub is still considered good pub! 






Woohdy and Lurker Through???

VFL DRAMA ALERT: Trouble for Unhinged Users??

It looks like Lucky’s claim that his team won’t be making any transactions this season is already in jeopardy. There are rumors swirling that Lucky’s second line may have already decided to go their separate ways. His second line consists of CG Lurker, Woohdy and Brisket. Woohdy is the best running back in the league and he knows it. Woohdy also wants a qb that is going to prioritize wins over their own stats. Lurker has shown that he can call a run-heavy offense in the past, so it’s unclear exactly what the issue is. Hucci called Lurker a “game manager” and said his gameplan consisted of “Pounding the rock and keeping the defense in the box” and that sounds like a good fit for Woohdy. Check out the rest of Hucci’s analysis over at:   I reached out to Woohdy for a quote for some clarity on the situation:

Why would you write an article about this”



Fair enough, and woohdy raises a good point, is this even article-worthy? Was Woohdy’s trade request in chat all just a joke? Was this just an elaborate ruse from Woohdy and Lurker? Why would they do this if it was? To answer that, we were going to have to get the full story and we clearly weren’t going to get it from Woohdy. So what about Lurker? When I reached out to him, Lurker was in disbelief. “[I] Can’t believe woohdy would make such a comment” followed immediately by three “sob” emojis. If he wasn’t upset, he was doing a pretty poor job of showing it. In the end, however, it sounds like Lurker was going to be fine with whatever happens. 


“no need for me to be mad when lucky will more than likely trade me this season”    

                                                              -CG Lurker


This investigation was getting nowhere, we had to go to the head honcho and Lucky was kind enough to provide us some answers. I wanted the whole story from him. Was this a real trade request? Was it indicative of any issues on the team? Lucky denied any trouble on the team and assured us that Woohdy and Lurker were just joking around with each other. He acknowledged that there were some big egos on the team, but that came from people being competitive and wanting a ring. 


“Woohdy with lurker and brisket will have a very successful season this season.”

                                                          -CG Lucky


So there we have it. All is well in LuckyLand, if its king is to be believed. The trade request was a joke. Woohdy, Lurker and Brisket all still want to play together. This should be an elite line, with three elite defensive users, if they can manage to find a good balance on offense. I’m exercising caution however; Woohdy is going to expect greatness and Lurker’s Madden 23 QB statline of 29 TDs and 39 INTs isn’t going to get it done. This is one of the early lines to watch in the VFL. If they suffer a big defeat early, it could break the chemistry on the line and could lead to those transactions that Lucky has said he didn’t want to make.