Johnny wheels vs the world..

#4 TpBraves is doing his best Howie Roseman impersonation in an attempt to get the Eagles roster right in time for playoffs. BengalzFlash adds a much-needed veteran presence, while their latest addition of Trash Sticks could be their missing link to VFL relevance. Heading into W3 this team needs to build on these acquisitions and build up some chemistry before playoffs begin.  

#3 The PICKLEGATE controversy that is the Jaguars unfortunate reality. Groff did all he could this season, he reassembled his typical crew and drafted extremely well with the selections of Ponchy, Brisket and Blak… or so we thought. This team is the best example to showcase how top players in our league rarely prefer a true challenge or really doing anything out of their Madden comfort zones.  

#2 After WK1 BeachMode and the Dolphins surely looked the part of “Dud of the league”. Their GM had scheduling conflicts and the team as a whole couldn’t find a way to win games. Maybe chemistry was finally built, maybe it was their addition of QB Wace, but now sitting on a 5-game win streak, this team is getting hot at the perfect time. Beach deserves A LOT of credit for being the consistent VFL player he’s always been. 

#1 Brady pulls an actual Tom Brady, retires…. then unretires shortly after. Now I’m personally happy to see that issue resolved, Brady is a solid owner and always puts together great lines and teams in this league. My only question is, sitting at 9-3 they are poised for a top spot once playoffs begin, but will this added bump in the road of controversy derail their winning ways? 








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