The eboK Report – RD 1

This weeks eboK Report will be short due to awards voting & for some reason, 6 teams are on a bye. For the next round of playoffs maybe I’ll ask some individuals for an interview

Week 3 Shitters of The Week

  1. Jags & 49ers


The old VFL is back! I feel bad for Grof for trying to draft the “best” available this season & getting his time wasted.



The 49ers made the shitters of the week because they didn’t drop Kuhrow but instead dropped aceboogs.


49ers vs Eagles

Honestly, in a 3 game series, I can see either team winning this but if I had to pick one team I would have to go with the Eagles. They have the better madden team & debatably better users. If the KoolWhip Island can hold his own vs the db fire spammer named Kubo then the 9ers will be moving onto the next rd. This series will go to game 3 no matter what.

Jags vs Texans

Even if Pickleball isn’t scheduled when this series takes place. I don’t see the jags winning a game unless Grof goes crazy in the pistol full house. 

TBH the jags might not even show up…

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