#4 Heading into S11 I gave the Bills my highest grade of the draft, thus far it would seem like I have zero clue… The Bills ended the week 2-4, but what was most surprising was the Hucci- Nate- T1 line going 0-3. Naturally, they demoted their HC and brought up a replacement to hopefully give a spark to the already extremely talented line. 

#3 In one of the most intriguing matchups of Week 1, the Ravens (Realest- Mallard- Telos) squared up against the Dolphins (Champ- Fara- Aries). What was supposed to be a back-and-forth affair, quickly turned into one team completely outclassing the other. This game perhaps snowballed into what ended up being a 0-6 week for the Dolphins.

#2 Battle for QB Supremacy:  Ned, Realest and Lucky all going 3-0 in Week 1, followed by strong 2-1 performances by Ponchy, Warpath and Abyss. As far as rankings based on Week 1- Hard to deny Ned converting almost 83% of his 52 pass attempts, though Abyss and his 5TD 1INT ratio is equally impressive. Would have to consider dark horse candidates like ChildPlease as well, going 2-1 on the week while playing mistake free football in all 3 games with 31 passing attempts. Too early to say, but numerous QBs are hot out the gate. 

#1 The Eagles and the VFL have a history. Quite possibly one of the worst seasons in our leagues history, the Season 7 Eagles ran by Johnny Wheels and Blunkey were the dumpster fire of all dumpster fires… that is until now perhaps. Not only did the Eagles go 0-6 in Week 1, but they also lost their owner. Depending on how Week2 goes, this season’s Eagles could go down as the worst VFL team OF ALL TIME. Maybe next time we’ll do 8 Owners and 3 Lines??








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