10 – 49ERS

Gmen took a massive swing when he snagged the 49ers in the opening round. The team selection is fine, that roster is CRACKED.. the questionable aspect is taking them R1 above teams like KC, BUF, PHI, MIA. User selections get even more intriguing when an RB/HC was taken in the second round (Paid Dough). On the bright side, Gmen landed a massive value with pick with his third selection (Kurhow). 


9 – Eagles

Another scenario where a team was taken in the 1st round well before community projections. This team also was at a disadvantage after trading away a 2nd round pick earlier in the day.. Assuming that could have caused FoeAlpha’s desperation to land his team. As far as the player selections, time will tell since these 2 lines are mostly friends and not VFL veterans being forced to play together.   GRADE: D

8 – Seahawks/ Switched to Jaguars

VFL veteran Groff comes back into some good fortune after landing the 2nd pick and then trading up to the first selection and taking #1 ranked QB Ponchy. Followed by another high risk/ high reward selection in Brisket, Groff did very well targeting established high IQ players in this draft. The only true question mark is his team selection (Wrote this article prior to team switch.) Jaguars are a more viable option this season. 


7 – Bengals

Hogcrazy and GM ChildPlease aligned themselves with fellow VFL veterans to put together a very well known roster. The Bengals give them a strong team to user and other than Beaste switching from OC to DC, this group should do well this season.


6 – Cowboys

Lucky does what he’s been doing for quite some time now and put together another potential SB winning roster. Lucky was the owner who gave the MUT crew an opportunity in the past, now this season we see him brining in some new faces to the league (Very former VFL Players). 



5 – Ravens  

If I can boast for a moment, where I believe this team possibly won the draft this season was with their 42nd selection of the Baltimore Ravens. Players still have to play and games need to be won and this team does have potential question marks especially at OC with their first selection Realest.    GRADE: B

4 – Dolphins

The Taylor Swift/ Travis Kelce couple of the VFL, Beach and Champ headed into the draft with an obvious gameplan of selecting the players they select/play with every season.


3 – Chargers

No D riding here, but typically speaking any team Brady is apart of does fairly well. Brady drafted his typical crew, but also took a chance on the former ownership group of Fig and Smitty. This is a very low risk, high reward move basically brining on another Owner and GM for added consistency, which is very key from a line 2.


2 – Bills

Abyss and Hucci were already ahead of the curve by heading into the draft being two top end QBs. Their team pick and strong selections of Fear and Nate only solidified this teams path to a possible SB this season.     GRADE: A

1 – Chiefs aka Team Toxicity : Ned made the obvious selection at #3 and brought in the game changer that is TMO, though this season he is apparently playing DC. This ownership group plus the addition of TMO quite possibly have the best chemistry day one, adding Hex as their 2nd QB will either destroy the league or their locker room. Last time Ned and Hex played together, the result was one person quitting mid-season and the other turning on his Owner publicly after a playoff loss. GRADE: B

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