Top 5 Undrafted Players

  LET’S assume some lines get blown out w1, after that target these PLAYERS.

#5 TPBRAVES- A veteran of the league, who has had many successful seasons at Owner. I would assume he went undrafted because this is the first time- in a long time, he’s not been a part of Ownership and he recently decided to switch from OC to DC. After speaking to Braves, he would still play OC for the right team. I would definitely recommend owners keep him on their radar moving forward, he’s a Swiss army knife that has open availability!

#4 Pork – Not so long ago, Pork was regarded as one of the most promising new players in the VFL. He had a dominant season playing along KoolAidz, where he was a Top10 WR and DL. With the ability to DC and solid football knowledge overall, Pork is a plug and play user who can help any team looking for stability at the WR position. 

#3 Blunkey- No this is NOT a typo, as hated as he may be by some of the league, time and time again he has proved to be at the very least a bottom 10 QB within this league. With Quarterback being the most important position on the field and the VFL having very few “elite” options at said position, I think it would be wise for Owners to keep in contact with Blunkey moving forward. 

#2 Lurker- Very surprised he wasn’t drafted last night. It could possibly be due to his position change? Either way, he’s a veteran of the league and is very capable of helping a team with a QB need or apparently DC since that’s his signed-up position. 

#1 The AP Boys- Now with that said, It’s the AP boys minus Vermont. Still though, Utah and Swift have slowly but surely become household names within the VFL and are probably the most chill dudes you will find in the league. The fact they went undrafted has to be because they didn’t tryout for Owners. Don’t be foolish and hit one of these dudes up before someone else does, but I highly suggest getting both if you do. 








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