My Exclusive Interview w Blunkey aka Hercules

The shocking VFL interview of the year…

Like Sean Penn, when he interviewed cartel king pin El Chapo, I’ve snuck into enemy lines to bring our community this exclusive and riveting one on one sit down with the man we call Blunkey, a man who would appreciate it if we would instead call him “Hercules”. 


  1. Greeting/ Introduction

– I was surprised at the willingness of Hercules to be interviewed by myself, he seemed overly interested and calculated with his responses to each of my questions. My goal with this interview was to potentially unlock some truth behind this heavily criticized man… Diving into his glory and recent awards, but also examining his fails, such as numerous league mutes and scam allegations. 

  1. How did he get here??

  • It’s quite funny to hear the reason Hercules is in the VFL today, is heavily due to the recruitment of former league member JohnnyKnoxville aka the VFL meme. According to Hercules himself, his Cinderella story started in S4 when he went from ECU RB to starting QB, in a playoff game versus Hucci- a game he ended up victorious. 


  1. Shots Fired At Hucci??

  • I asked Blunkey straight up, what does he think of the multiple time champion Hucci?? His answer was exactly what you would expect, but slightly more insightful than I expected. He gave the NFL comparison of Brock Purdy and said Hucci is just that.. A QB that can win games with tons of talent surrounding him but will rarely elevate a team. He also noted that Hucci has taken the cowards way to a victory on multiple occasions against him, only fueling this expected rivalry.  


  1. Why does the league dislike you??

– Time for the real HARD HITTING questions. I followed up the Hucci banter with a question I’ve always wanted to ask Blunkey aka Hercules. Now once again, his answer was what you would expect, he took the spotlight off himself and his actions, while throwing as many people under the bus as possible BUT in a slight way I totally understand his response. Here is his exact quote. “I think it all comes down to personality. I have a big personality that a lot of owners aren’t ready for. It’s the same reason why a lot of NFL teams didn’t want to bring in Cam Newton even though he is worthy of being a back up QB – it’s because they know he’s a big locker room presence. But if we take a look through my whole VFL Career I’ve been playing with guys like Game Green, Spacious Horse, T1 Anime, Zabriel, etc. And that’s no disrespect to those guys but they don’t even get drafted in a typical season. And I was able to win OCOTY and big games with a poor/decent Supporting cast so I’ve proved I’m able to elevate the people around me in non-perfect situations”.


  1. Look in the mirror.

– Hercules clearly thinks of himself in very high regards, so I wanted to ask him how he would go about ranking himself within the top QBs of the VFL. He did give kudos to Brady and rightfully so, but in typical Blunkey fashion, he stated by the end of this season he will have finally dethroned Brady of the #1 QB ranking. I followed that question up by asking where he would rank Ace… His response “Out of the top10”.


  1. Ponch Rivalry? 40 point loss??

– With rumors of the “great” Ponchy gracing us mear mortals with his presence this season, I wanted Blunkey’s thoughts on his QB ability. His response ” I think ponchy had a good run for a little, but I think he got saved by the highball mechanic in 22. This year will be different. I’m also not high on him after me and Telos beat him by 40 points”.

  1. Rapid Fire Questions

  • Before our time was up, I wanted to shoot out a couple more questions, but this time around since Hercules had been very calculated in his responses, I wanted quick, short and sweet responses, using just 1 word or as few as possible to answer. FIRST QUESTON: “How would you describe your awful season of ownership with Johnny Wheels?” RESPONSE: ” Out of my control” NEXT QUESTION: “Did you really try and scam people out of $$??” RESPONSE: “Nah”… LAST QUESTION: “Who would you say is the most overrated player in the VFL?” RESPONSE: “TMO”……









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