Early Thoughts on S11 Owner/GM Selections

3 Articles in 1 week? Crown me The Media Champ

The season is off and running as this week staff unleashed our “new” rule changes to great applaud by the community. Seeing the VFL get back to its roots, while adding much needed updates, is something that could ultimately save the league as we move forward. The biggest news comes from the recent Owner and GM announcements, overall showcasing familiar faces, with some mild early controversy.  


  1. Brady & The Same Line He Has Every Season.

– If Brady wasn’t someone I liked personally, I would have a little more to say on his GM decision (Northside). What I will say is: Any time these three line up together, the rest of the league is forced to take notice. As always it will be interesting to see how well they perform, as most of the league tries to catch up to the chemistry they already have together. 


  1. Abyss & OF COURSE Hucci Is GM For Another Elite QB.

  • Just like Brady, Abyss is someone I respect greatly- from his Madden capabilities to all his work so far this season with improving the league. Call me Salt Papi, but it will never not grind my gears seeing elite QBs teaming up together rather than creating their own deal. Either way, this will be a dominant force that has the ability to win it all… My first article of a potential Hucci v Ebok rivalry now has a real shot to happen!


  1. BeachMode & Champ, I’ll NEVER call him CPayne.

  • This shit is HOT! All typical Highwalkr smack talking aside, I love this pairing for each player. Beach is the veteran nice guy of the VFL, who never gets the opportunity of playing with elite talent- now he gets that shot. As for Champ, I respect the move and think it’s what the VFL truly needs right now. Once he brings in his typical line mates, I’m confident they will all work together and have a solid season. 


  1. Lucky & Hex….. Oh wait nvm, Accountant.

– I hope someone is at least following my articles because I predicted the drama that is Lucky being an owner in the VFL. Now I will say this, replacing Hex for Accountant is actually a very strong move and it’s awesome to see Accountant back in the VFL. Lucky figures shit out and one way or another his team will get wins.. The big question is, what’s next for the odd man out Hexied???!


  1. Yeezus & Waparth

– Not to toot my own horn, but this is another pairing that is truly interesting and good for the league. Warpath has a long history in the VFL, high and lows.. but most definitely someone who has the ability to win big games. For myself, I have a lot to prove as a player, but when I’m apart of ownership my resume speaks for itself. 3 seasons = 3 playoff births / 1 SB appearance and 1 best season record. 


  1. HogCrazy and ?????

– I don’t truly have enough information to give any sort of prediction on this ownership. I will say this, Hog is the only dude I know that uses our In-houses/Tryout channel to recruit/play public matches! #MakeScrimsGreatAgain

  1. Ned & Ebok

  • In a league filled with NBA Super Teams, why not add one more for good measure. Call me old fashion or a broken record, but I preferred the 80s and 90s era over the Lebron era. 


  1. Kobe & ?????

– I played on the Eagles with Kobe, the season we went to the SB and lost to Brady… (Pain). He is a solid player and brings with him a crew of talent that has played Madden together for quite some time. He hasn’t announced his GM yet, but I would recommend another old teammate of his TPBraves or possibly take a shot at the newly available Hexied. 



9. Blunkey





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