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IMO there’s currently about 20 teams that you can easily win a Super Bowl with in Madden 24 so owners should prioritize players over teams.

The gameplay of Madden 24 has made it to where teams without Set Feet Lead or Pass Lead Elite can easily win games. Last Madden if you didn’t have a velocity ability on your QB then you were cooked but now on Madden 24 every QB throws the ball quick enough to whereas an owner you should be thinking of the team outside of the QB to decide who you want to pick. One could argue that Juke Box or Evasive is a more important ability in regs than Set Feet Lead or Pass Lead elite. With that being said unlike previous maddens the ability Edge Threat or Edge Threat Elite is just simply not good this year. Interior dlineman with El Toro are the go-to for pass rush in regs. Run stopping abilities are very important this year since the run game is very good. Zone abilities like Deep Out/In Zone KO are way more valuable than man knockout abilities this year (Acrobat is the closest thing to not having a zone knockout). If i was an owner i would value player picks over team picks for Madden 24. I probably would even go so far as to not spend my pick on a team until the final round of the draft. Also, if you’re an owner this season i hope you do your research to see who is on IR in the NFL & when that player will return before picking a team. Good Luck to all the Owners & hopefully no one shits it up on draft day.


  1. Eagles

– The Eagles have the best oline & defense in regs.

– They are 1 of 3 teams that get access to the extra hot routes in the slot.

– Jalen Hurts finally got some love in madden & is actually ELITE for once.


  1. Chiefs

– Mahomes has Hot Route Master & Pass Lead Elite.

– One of the fastest WR rooms.

– Chris Jones is by far the best dlineman I’ve seen in regs. Guy gets crazy pass rush every play as a CPU in 4 down lineman sets. (Aaron Donald is probably better but the rams are ass).

– Fast Secondary.


  1. Bills

– Second best Defense in the game behind Philly.

– Josh Allen Pass Lead Elite & Diggs Juke Box.

– Damar Hamlin on the field gives your team +100 morale.


  1. Chargers

– Top 5 defense on the game even after trading away JC Jackson.

– Herbert Pass Lead Elite.

– Ekeler is very good & LAC has a speed WR unlike last year.


  1. Bengals

– Burrow Set Feet Lead & Fearless.

– Joe Mixon is still very good even after losing his abilities.

– One of the best WR rooms in the game.

– Defense is Extremely fast & very good.


  1. Dolphins

– Dolphins could be the 3rd best team in the game if you were comfortable with tua & had a crazy playbook to throw bombs.

– Even without Ramsey(should be back during the VFL szn) they still have a borderline top 5 defense in the game. A lot of speed in the secondary.

– Best WR room in the game plus 95 & 96 speed RBs(idk when achane will be back).


  1. Cowboys

– Second best oline & Top 5 Defense in the game.

– Dak is actually useable this Madden thanks to the Velocity buff to QBs.

– WR room is fast plus CeeDee is great.


  1. Ravens

– Lamar Has the best release in the game for QBs.

– Zay Flowers, Duvernay & OBJ are actually good.

– Mark Andrews is the best TE in regs. Matchup Nightmare plus Lamars Tight Out allows him to catch anything & will agg anyone.

– Defense is good but not great.


  1. 49ers

– 9ers are 1 of 3 teams that has access to the extra hot routes out of the slot.

– CMC is the Madden 24 version of Nick Chubb, WR room is very good & Kittle is goated.

– Defense is good but definitely doesnt represent how good they are IRL.

– Sadly they traded away Trey Lance So you basically have to use Brock Purdy. Purdy has 84 throw power which is god awful but when you have CMC on your team you could just press the A button & hand that fucker off every play.


  1. Jaguars

– Trevor Lawrence has gunslinger & high throw power so he’s very good.

– Etienne is up to an 88 now & the WR room is very good. (sadly they moved on from the GLITCH Dan Arnold 6’6 TE).

– Defense isn’t good so you’re strictly picking the jags for the offense.


  1. Packers

– For whats its worth Jordan Love has slinger 1. I personnel dont like slinger 1 this madden but when you have a juke box RB & a 96 speed WR then you’ll make it work.

– Aaron Jones has juke box, Watson has 96 speed & Luke Musgrave is 6’6 with 89 speed.

– Defense is essentially the same from last madden minus Amos. 2 run stopping abilities & Jaire Alexander With Acrobot & his man coverage abilities. 

– Kenny Clark got moved to LE this madden which gives him more utility on defense & the secondary is Fast.


  1. Saints

– Derek Carr is great for a “low tier” team.

– Kamara has Juke Box & RB Apprentice.

– Good WR room.

– Defense is actually one of the better defenses on the game. Lattimore has Deep Out Zone KO.


Honorable Mention




– Saquon has Juke Box & Leap Frog.

– WR room is elite.

– Defense is fast but sadly Isiah Simmons is a MLB 🙁




– Its the Madden 22 version of the Bucs minus Tom Brady.

– Baker has 94 throw power and a very good release.




– Top 5 defense in the game.

– Pitts is the 2nd best TE in the game, Bijon is very good & they have Scottie Miller.

– Ridder is fast with 91 throw power so as long as you have a good scheme he will be fine.



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