Honorable Mention: Bwall Vs The World… He will literally argue with anyone. 

#5 Abyss VS Kwame (500K SB MVP) – This rivalry started back in S8 when the highly accomplished Abyss left his team mid-season. Leage speculation led us to believe that Abyss retired abruptly due to lack of talent from his line. The story gets interesting that following season (S9) when Kwame, a member of that Abyss line- went on a Cinderella like run at QB of all positions and ended up winning a SB. Seeing these two face off this upcoming season is most certainly a David vs Goliath matchup I want to witness. 

#4 Hiighwalkr vs Lucky (whatever his clan name is today) – I can’t really call this a rivalry, but it’s definitely a complicated relationship with a lot of VFL history. On a positive note, Lucky is a very consistent player/owner in this league. On a negative note, this man loves the drama and his teams are typically filled with it! Personally, I hope we both land ownership and I would enjoy squaring up against his line Week 1. 

#3 Realest vs TMO- This is more wishful thinking, but both of these men have crowned themselves the DC’s of the VFL and it’s time to see who’s truly the best. 

#2 Ebok vs Hucci – The Master versus the Apprentice battle we all deserve to finally see. Season after season, we would witness these two squad up and create havoc among other teams/owners. I say, enough is enough.. Ya’ll both have had success together, why not finally show the league who truly is Head Huncho! 

#1 The reigning OPOTY Blunkey vs Brady’s Line – This is hands down must see TV, the rivalry got even deeper this last week between Blunkey and Dfeet and the conversation of stat padding/his award win. I think the league’s matchmakers owe all of us this game ASAP. Sunday night, Prime Time football…. Blunkey wins or Blunkey loses by 50, win win for everyone involved here. 

PS: You can expect many MANY more articles like this, leading up to the VFL draft. Please tell me how awful my opinions are in Gen Chat, even bad pub is still considered good pub! 






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