Woohdy and Lurker Through???

VFL DRAMA ALERT: Trouble for Unhinged Users??

It looks like Lucky’s claim that his team won’t be making any transactions this season is already in jeopardy. There are rumors swirling that Lucky’s second line may have already decided to go their separate ways. His second line consists of CG Lurker, Woohdy and Brisket. Woohdy is the best running back in the league and he knows it. Woohdy also wants a qb that is going to prioritize wins over their own stats. Lurker has shown that he can call a run-heavy offense in the past, so it’s unclear exactly what the issue is. Hucci called Lurker a “game manager” and said his gameplan consisted of “Pounding the rock and keeping the defense in the box” and that sounds like a good fit for Woohdy. Check out the rest of Hucci’s analysis over at: https://primetimeleagues.com/vfl/2023/08/18/the-unhinged-users-team-analysis-can-luckyy-make-another-run/.   I reached out to Woohdy for a quote for some clarity on the situation:

Why would you write an article about this”



Fair enough, and woohdy raises a good point, is this even article-worthy? Was Woohdy’s trade request in chat all just a joke? Was this just an elaborate ruse from Woohdy and Lurker? Why would they do this if it was? To answer that, we were going to have to get the full story and we clearly weren’t going to get it from Woohdy. So what about Lurker? When I reached out to him, Lurker was in disbelief. “[I] Can’t believe woohdy would make such a comment” followed immediately by three “sob” emojis. If he wasn’t upset, he was doing a pretty poor job of showing it. In the end, however, it sounds like Lurker was going to be fine with whatever happens. 


“no need for me to be mad when lucky will more than likely trade me this season”    

                                                              -CG Lurker


This investigation was getting nowhere, we had to go to the head honcho and Lucky was kind enough to provide us some answers. I wanted the whole story from him. Was this a real trade request? Was it indicative of any issues on the team? Lucky denied any trouble on the team and assured us that Woohdy and Lurker were just joking around with each other. He acknowledged that there were some big egos on the team, but that came from people being competitive and wanting a ring. 


“Woohdy with lurker and brisket will have a very successful season this season.”

                                                          -CG Lucky


So there we have it. All is well in LuckyLand, if its king is to be believed. The trade request was a joke. Woohdy, Lurker and Brisket all still want to play together. This should be an elite line, with three elite defensive users, if they can manage to find a good balance on offense. I’m exercising caution however; Woohdy is going to expect greatness and Lurker’s Madden 23 QB statline of 29 TDs and 39 INTs isn’t going to get it done. This is one of the early lines to watch in the VFL. If they suffer a big defeat early, it could break the chemistry on the line and could lead to those transactions that Lucky has said he didn’t want to make. 

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