Tmo Interview

Tmo has been a respected player in the league since league arena days! Since the revival of team play and the VFL Tmo has won 3 super bowls and has been a force on defense! He also took over as owner of the league and brought in a great group of guys to help revive and rebuild the league! 

Q: What made you want to take ownership of a team this season?

A: “Wanted to show the league that anyone can be owner and I wanted to compete against the best 👌🏾”

Q: What is your strategy to compete with the “super teams” that everyone is scared to face up against.

A: “Never been scared to play anyone. My strategy will be same as always. “Adapt and dominate ” “ 

Q: For me the VFL has been appealing because I meet a lot of new people who have a common interest in madden. Has there been anyone you enjoy being around you met that you wouldn’t have without the VFL?

A: “King logic kinda like my lil brother.   We definitely from different worlds but we created a bond over madden.”

Q: Being the owner of the league and on the board of directors, do you have anything you’d like to let the people know about your vision that you have for the league that may have not been said yet?

A: “My vision  has always  to have fun and play with the people you want to play with or for.   Don’t get me wrong I like the “old vfl” but times have changed  and we wanted to adapt and try something new.”

Q: For people who don’t know you well, how would you describe your personality? #datingquestions

A: “I’m actually cool and laid back. I keep quiet  in the chats cause I’m not with all the drama. I’m very approachable and will talk to or with anyone. I highly competitive to.”


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