VFL Night 1 Recap

Tonight we kicked off our first season of Madden 24. Lots of changes have taken place in the VFL with a whole new format. We have some old faces and some new faces here at the start of Madden 24 and hoping to grow the league even more. We had some interesting games go on the first night and im here to give a recap just incase you missed them!!


First game of the season was featured by Team 300 and owner Blunkey vs LA Elite led by new owner OgFord. Early in the game it looked like Ford was ready to start off his VFL career with a win. Team 300 DC was getting picked apart early basically running a stock cover 3. After a few drives he made a decision to switch his defense to a Madden 23 meta defense spinner and DB Fire 2 and the whole outlook of the game took a huge turn. It was a 7-7 ball game and when Mrtookyoshi made the change to spinner and DB Fire the game got out of hand really quick. Ford threw at least 2 pick sixes after the game was tied 7-7 and the game was pretty much over. Team 300 came out victorious with a final score of 42-17.  Player of the game goes to Mrtookyoshi for the defensive play calling.

Shortly after game one of the night we instantly got a game 2 which was played by Team Unhinged led by familiar face Lucky vs Team New Day led by first time owner Jgas. This was a very back and forth game the whole time. Team New Day relied on a very run heavy attack the whole game and had multiple big time runs for 20+ yards. There was a point where both teams had back to back played of 70+ yard touchdown runs. Team Unhinged took a late led in the 4th with about 45 seconds to go. Team New Day took a kickoff down to around the 25 and was looking to tie the game and head into overtime. With about 15 seconds to go Team New Day throws a late interception to lose the game. Final score was 24-17 and was one of the best games of the night.

Game of the night easily goes to Team Unhinged vs Dem Boyz. Warpath made his VFL return representing Team Unhinged. Warpath was the former commish of the league who stepped away so his return was a cool thing to see. His first game back he got to face some good competition in Brady , Northsidez and Dfeet who were the leading line of the superbowl in the last season of Madden 23. Game was very back and forth and both Warpath and Brady made some big passes late in the forth quarter. Warpath got the ball last with the scored tied 21-21 with just 32 seconds remaining in the ball game. After picking up a big time 3&12 Warpath put his team in place to win with a late field goal after a big time seam pass to Brisket to walk it off with a game winning field goal. Lots of talk in the discord about Team Unhinged purposely running into DBs on purposely to keep drives alive. Will these two teams have beef this season?


Other scores on the night.

Team Unhinged beat Team Jigga  42-6

Team Kekambas beat Team 300  23-0

Team 300 beat Team Boot E Meat  37-7

Team Pittsburgh Killer P’s beat Team Unhinged  24-21


Team Records from night 1

Team Unhinged ( 2-1 )

Team 300 ( 2-1 )

Team Pittsburgh Killer P’s ( 1-0 )

Team Kekambas ( 1-0 )

Team New Day ( 0-1 )

Team Jigga ( 0-1 )

Team LA Elite ( 0-1 )

Dem Boyz ( 0-1 )




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