High Times – Power Rankings V4


An A for effort is about as far as we will go when applauding anything this team has done so far this season. Johnny Wheels deserved an opportunity to possibly show the league that an owner does not have to be a former top tier player to succeed at running a team. Unfortunately, after starting the year 4-13 maybe this whacky experiment gone wrong will act as a warning to future unprepared owners. 


The Bengals should be thankful they are playing this season alongside The Eagles. If that wasn’t the case, much more negative attention would be circulating this team. Sitting at 6-11, with a HUGE game tonight with major playoff implications, this team is the master of their own domain. It’s hard to say where this team lands by next week, obviously I’m a little bias due to the fact I’m MR BENGAL himself, but because of that, I also see the major potential this team possesses if everything goes correct. Win or lose, Owner and GM (Braves & Midnight) are having phenomenal statistical seasons and at the very least they can use this season as momentum moving forward into Season 8. 


I find this team very enjoyable to root for and root against, depending on how I’m feeling that day. Ace and Bwall are both VFL veterans that speak their mind and can never be told they don’t have vision. As I look down their roster, Sacrifice, Ibprofam, Aries, Warpath, Crazy Effectz, these are all extremely talented players, utilizing an extremely talented Bills team, even after the Von Miller injury. If you ask me, I would they’re probably one trade away from truly being able to complete in the Season 7 Playoffs. Statistically speaking, Warpath either needs to be delt or figure out how to pass the football again- even though Allen is a very run friendly QB, 1TD x 5INT will simply not get it done. Their recipe for success will definitely be improving that 3rd line.  


Look, I’m not going to get carried away here and make the same mistake I did in Season 6.  Sure, the Chiefs currently sit at 8-10, their heavily dependent on high point passes and they already have a FF and a 2v3 game that resulted in a loss late last night. Either way, let’s make one thing absolutely clear- until Ebok and the Chiefs are statistically eliminated from the playoff race (Which I doubt will happen), Any and every team that would face them come playoff time will be shaking in their Yeezy boots. This team is still dangerous, I’m curious to see if Ebok can quickly turn things around similar to how he did last season. 


I have to give this man credit; at the beginning of Season 7 this team was a giant ball of toxic waste. You had one of the most undermining, overly confident GM’s I’ve personally ever seen- ruling with an iron fist and causing issue after issue as he made his team development decisions. Flash forward to today, the GM is gone and 3 trades later… it seems like Lucky has finally found his footing. Sitting at 11-7 and riding a 4-game winning streak, Lucky and company seem poised to make a strong playoff run and they’re also doing this while utilizing an All-Rookie 3rd line!  


So, I’m a little shocked to see this team’s recent fall from grace… On one end Abyss is hands down the best QB in the league so far with 18TDS x 5 INTS, on the other end- his supposed #2 line of KoolAidz, TMO and Tiger have been lackluster to say the least. No matter what, here’s the dealio- this team will make the playoffs and be a tough out, NO MATTER WHAT. I would assume the biggest question mark moving forward is the Utah gang and their inability to score points, even though their other 2 lines are involved in major high scoring games more times than not. 




The Chargers were my dark horse SB candidates this season and as it currently sits, my prediction for them may come true. 13-5 record with a 4-game winning streak, the high point specialist Justin Herbert has possibly surpassed Tom Brady as the most annoying QB to play against in Madden. As we go deeper into this season, I personally believe high point passing will get nerfed, as I’m writing this article now, supposedly that has already happened- we shall see. No matter what, this team is a legit contender and I want to give credit to their Owner, GM and 3 lines for being some of the easiest people to deal with in this chaotic league.

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