Season 7 Award Predictions.

In this article I will be covering my predictions on the awards. 

  • Owner of the Year
  • MVP
  • Offensive POTY
  • Defensive POTY
  • Positions OTYs
  • Rookie OTY
  • Walter Payton Man of the Year (Not predicting)

Owner of the Year

Los Angelos Chargers


GM: King Champ

This is a pretty cut and dry award this season. The best record as well as the Chargers held first place in the power rankings all season long. Never falling out of the first-place spot. Week in and week out TXJames and Champ have kept their team ahead of the pack never failing and never faltering. Staying strong with their Bidding roster and keeping everything close to chest this is an easy selection.


Toss up





TXJAMESSMITHTX is the most winning QB in the league. Although lacking in yardage he has the highest pass attempt to TD ration out of all QBs in the league. Finishing 3rd in passing TDS with almost 100 less pass attempts than 1 and 2. Couple this with an outstanding defensive performance where a lot of the other MVP hopefuls are lacking. With only one loss on the season, it would be hard to argue against TX getting the MVP.





Painkiller was on a tear the first two weeks of the season. Hitting some rocky points in the closing weeks. Racking up losses with low statistical gains. But none the less had an overall great year being an impactful player in almost every game he played. Making big plays on offense with over 2k yards rushing and maintaining an 8.9 ypc while reaching pay dirt 20 times. While on the other side of the ball leading the league in sacks. This looked to be a lock for MVP in the first half of the season. Finishing with strong numbers on both sides of the ball will still have a decent shot at the award.

MVP Honorable mentions

Abyss- Abyss had great numbers at the QB position and is likely a lock for QBOTY. But with three losses and underwhelming defensive numbers is the reason abyss did not make my top two mvp predictions.

EBOK- Ebok again has great QB numbers but with a rough start to the season and a mediocre record at QB there is no way this player will get the mvp shake but has worthy numbers but has fallen short as a whole.

Rookie of the Year


Hxied coming into the league at QB was full of confidence after starting the his vfl NFL career with a slight win streak. It is not easy to come in here and succeed at QB for a first timer but with a high point offense and a spinner setup that many could not handle he did just that. Racking up a solid win loss and putting up good numbers as well. The easy front runner for ROTY

Offensive Player of the Year


Abyss has been dominate on the offensive side of the ball. He has torn it up through the air racking up the most passing yards in the league as well as leading the league in TDs. Securing his spot here as my prediction for OPOTY. He has dominated almost all defenses he has faced after week 2. Started the season slow but picked it up as playoff positions were looming. 

Defensive Player of the Year


Areis once again has been on a tear. Taking advantage of all opportunities that have been presented leading the league in INTs with 22 the next closes player was 17. Not only has Areis been a menace taking passes away from the QBs he also gets points, leading the league in DTDs. There is no one even close to him as an impact player on the defensive side of the ball this season and for this reason i am projecting him to be the DPOY of season 7.


Record 11-1

This is by far the easiest selection made thus far. Line of the year should go to the line with the best record. not going to go into much detail here. Shout out to the Chargers. #1 seed

Position of the Year Awards predictions

In this section i will be covering the Of the Year position awards i will show my predictions and their statistics. 

QB Of the Year


RB Of the Year


WR Of the Year


DB Of the Year


DL of the Year

Fear Painkiller

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