Hitters & Sh*tters Part 3

Part 3 of Hitters and Sh*tters is here.  Let’s take a dive into who were the leagues Hitters & Sh*tters!



1) – WB OmnixGod – Now just a week ago Omni was on my list as a shitters. The next week the guy totally flips the script from going 0-3 to going 3-0. In week 3 Omni had wins over AceBoogs , Dirty Falcons , Blunkey. Throwing 6 touchdowns with over 450 passing yards on the week. Omni has the potential to be one of the leagues best QBs and in week 3 he showed his potential.

2) – Hucci – Hucci probably had the best overall week 3 out of any players. Hucci had a 3-0 record in week 3 while also throwing for over 600 yards with 11 touchdown and 0 interceptions. Hucci like Omni is a guy who has lots of potential with a lot of experience in the mut scene. When guys like Hucci tap into there potential it can be hell for the competition.

3) – Abyss – Abyss making the list once again with another great week. Another QB who had a 3-0 week after making a trade that seemed to make things better. Throwing for over 800 yards and 9 touchdowns I think Abyss has really put himself in the MVP conversation with JamesSmith and F34R Painkiller.

4) KWAM34MVP – Week 1 this guy was on my shitter list , now he has made a way onto the Hitters list for good reason. KWAM3 was traded away from Tampa and seems to have found himself in a good situation in Cincy. When he was traded I thought it could be good for him because he wouldn’t be forced into being a defensive coordinator where I felt he really struggled. Not only did KWAM3 go 3-0 but he did it while also remaining a signal caller on the defensive side. KWAM3 had wins over AceBoogs , Dirty Falcons , Blunkey. Were Abyss and Redwater holding KWAM3 back??????

5) – WoohdyV2 – Woohdy is always a player who everyone knows is talented but struggles to make or stay on a roster for a complete season. Woohdy found his way on the Chiefs in week 3 a left his mark. Woohdy was the 2nd leading rusher in week 3 with over 430 rushing yards with possibly the worst running back the league has to offer. Woohdy accounted for 7 touchdowns in week 3 for the Chiefs and helped his line go 3-0 on the week. Woohdy is also known as a RB/DL but also stepped in at DB and had 6 interceptions on the week.

6) -ll Redwater ll – Redwater has been having a great season and I think is flying under the radar. In week 3 Red lead the league in receiving yards with over 750 yards and 9 receiving touchdowns. Redwater is also known as linebacker but this season he made the switch to DL and the transition seems to be working out well. Red had 14 TFLs and 4 sacks on the week while helping lead his line to a 3-0 record in week 3. Right now Red seems to have WROTY locked up!!




1) – MeowGrof – Grof really struggled in week 3 going 0-3. Not only did he struggle winning but he put up the worst QB numbers in week 3. With only 1 touchdown pass and 5 interceptions with a horrible 30% completion percentage it safe to safe MeowGrof was a shitter in week 3.

2) – Eagles Roster – Eagles really struggled in week 3 as a team so as a team they have to be called out. Eagles went 1-8 in week 3 and the only 3 people who got a win were Blunkey , Zabriel and Bloodypstain over the Bills. This team seems to have been on a roller coaster all season long. They have had some talent on the roster but it never stays. They had Natecashmoney , Shady on Xbox and Hutch to start the season but were all 3 traded , they also had Tmo on the roster for a week but he was then traded shortly after. Whenever this roster seems to have some talent they can’t keep them happy and or keep them on the roster. However even with the struggles they get guys to show up and play every night.


Sorry for the short article couldn’t find very many shitters this week!

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