Week 3 Power rankings and playoff look

Finishing up week three, the playoffs are only one week away.  This is a look at who is a head of the pack and who will be on the bubble with one week remaining in the regular season.

GA= games ahead
GB=games behind
LW=last week
PF=Points for
PA=Points against



GA 2 (week 3 record 6-3) LW rank 1 (-)

With week 3 coming to an end and looking forward into week 4. The Chargers have had a great season and look to further progress themselves moving into a championship push. Finishing week 3 at 6-3. Same as last week has been their worst week to date. Their team as a whole has continued to get better and has a strong and solid three lines. With dirty falcons now at QB in replace of the newly retired Huskynuts the team has gotten better. On both sides of the ball, having 3 of the top 5 leaders in DTDs and two of the most consistent QBs in the league. The chargers are in a great spot to secure a first-round bye in the playoffs. Dirty falcons having a solid 2-1 week which makes it the best week for the third line, which only strengthens this teams resolve and foundation moving near the playoffs.

By the Numbers

  • PF: 2nd (661)
  • PA: 2nd (447)
  • WK 3: 6-3
  • Pros:
    -Strong QB play from users.
    -Strong defensive output from all lines
    -Great madden roster

  • Cons:
    -Weak run game on all lines, little showing from running backs consistently
    -Madden offensive roster lacks speed


Cleveland Browns 17-10

GB 2 (week 3 record 6-3) LW 2 (-)

The Browns are proving to be an issue for all teams. Good or bad the browns have had opportunity’s to win every game they have played. With nick Chubb being the most broken player in madden unarguably. With no one being able to stop him. Spam the A button score TDs seems to be the trend in Cleveland. And the trend is working giving all three Browns RBs the top three RB spots in the league. With every RB toating the rock over 150x through 9 games and all gathering more than 15 TDs. With high ypc averages these RBs are clearly making their marks in the league. Especially FearPainkiller who is by far leading the MVP race with 18tds a 9.7 ypc and 25.5 sacks on the other side of the ball. Painkiller has been a menace to the league and is the leading canidate for the MVP, Barring he does not slip up in week 4 which does not seem will be the case. The browns will look to have a strong week 4 and lock in the 1st or 2nd seed. which should happen with just a handful of wins. This team i believe as of rn is the team to watch going into the playoffs and is probably the SB favorites as of RN even sitting at number 2.


  • PF:4th (608)
  • PA: 1st (427)
  • WK 3: (6-3)

-Best RB in madden
-Best run game in the league, Which will limit TOs and draw games out, Keep games close even against better opponents

-No QB abilities
-Small window for error. Go behind 2 scores running game may not be enough.

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Kansas City Chiefs 15-12

GB 2 (Week 3 record 7-2) LW 6th (+3)

The Kansas City Chiefs made a splash in week 3 having their best week of the season, going 7-2 climbing three spots in the rankings from week 2. Chiefs finally got high quality productions out of Hucci who did finish the week winning PLOTW award. Finishing the week with 600+ yards 11tds and 4 sacks on the defensive side of the ball. Coming into the week hucci has not had the best season. As well as his QB brethren Ebokstop both have been struggling in the win loss category. But all that changed this week with Ebok going 2-1 his only loss coming to the #2 powerhouse Browns, and huccie going 3-0. If the chiefs are fixing their struggles it is going to be a big issue moving forward into the playoffs. They were power ranked second by most polls coming into the season and has been a disappointment for the most part. All that may change a lot to watch for in week 4. To see if Ebok can produce another winning week and if hucci can keep a steady consistent pace with his week 3 POTW performance.


  • PF: 1st  (709)
  • PA:3rd  (511)
  • WK 3: 7-2


-High powered offense, Madden wise and user wise
-Solid high point targets
-high quality user QBs

-Chiefs defense, Horrible run defense
-Mediocre RBs on madden roster

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Tampa bay Buccaneers 14-13

GB 1 (Week 3 record 5-4) LW 4 (-)

The Buccaneers in the preseason were the consensus #1 team. But with a struggling DTM koolaidz who has had every DC in the league on his line this season and still somehow finds a way to struggle. The buccaneers find themselves at number 4 once again. Which may not be a horrible place to be. With abyss coming through with a 3-0 week and Koolaidz getting some clutch wins that were truly needed. The Buccaneers give a strong feeling that they may be on the rise. It is definitely not an offensive issue their woes are coming on the defensive side of the ball. Having the 3rd worst defense in the league. Although improving that by one spot last week the Buccaneers had the second to last defense in the league. Progression? who knows. But it is the one and only consistent issue the Buccaneers face game in and game out. How will they get stops. With high powered offenses from koolaids and abyss, if the Bucs can find a way to rally the defensive troops they may find themselves a true threat in the playoffs.


  • PF: 3rd (627)

  • PA: 5th (611)

  • WK 3:(5-4)

-Strong offensive production from all lines.
-MVP caliber QBs
-Strong OLINE

-All defenses are struggling
-No pass rush madden player.


Buffalo Bills 14-13

GB - (Week 3 record 5-4) LW #5 (-)

The Bills are still in the mix for a solid seat in the playoffs. They have had solid offensive play, nothing that breaks the barrier but solid. With von miller being out the bills have still been able to remain a competitive defensive unit. and will continue to do so pushing forward to week 3. Leading the way in the defensive aspect is Areis. Who is a front runner for DBOTY. But the big news for the bills this week was the acquisition of commissioner TMO. With trade deadline looming the bills made a las second transaction to acquire TMO via trade with the eagles, Eagles will receive highwalker in return, the bills just recently recieved highwalker in a trade with the Bengals. So essentially a three-way trade. With TMO hitting the bills roster where he spent season 6 he is looking to make some changes. The once self-proclaimed minister of defense has not been nearly defensive this season starting with Buccs having struggles there then getting shopped around and ending up here heading into week 4 with the bills. The bills who are in a comfy spot looking to secure the playoff spot this week will look to tmo to help improve the mediocre roster here on the bills. The bills have a solid opportunity to make a splash in the playoffs they just have to work around the lack of von miller and use their weapons to their advantage which seems to be the case for a few lines there already. They will need high production from their QBs and strong stands on defense when the opportunity arises and then they may have a shot at the ship at the end of the season.


PF: 6th (464)

PA: 5th (569)

WK 3 :5-4

-Top tier madden QB
-ability stacked wr
-DBOTY on roster

-No pass rush abilities since von has gone
-lack of speed
-mediocre QBs on roster


Greenbay packers 14-13

GB - (Week 3 record 3-6) LW#3 (-3)

The packers have had a rough go this week. Their money line with the “MUT BOYS” have fallen apart. I know for sure hexied and crew lost two this week. Hard to see how bad they did with no stats being entered yet in specific games. After losing their first games the Hexied line fell apart not only blowing up on his line in game but also reflecting his feeling in discord. Going on a personal attack rant which in the end ended up getting him muted “Indefinitely”. This breakdown from the self-proclaimed “BEST LINE IN VFL HISTORY” is a harsh reality for the Packers. How they recover from such a tragic week is a sight we all will look apon as week 4 closes in. and how the packers recover as a whole moving into the playoffs. Falling to rank 6 after having a great first half of the season is a bit of a shocker. The packers will have to bounce back and grab some momentum going into the playoffs. Needing hexied to gather his thoughts and start playing like they need him to play. and not throwing a tantrum in discord. Maybe just maybe the packers will have some sort of shot at any type of success in the playoffs. But honestly in my opinion i do not see this happening. I feel the packers are just to mediocre not only in madden but also in league roster. They are neither good nor bad just there.


PF: 7th (431)

PA: 4th (529)

WK 3: 3-6

-Alot of height at wr
-Best thro animation in madden
-Good young line in the league

-No stand out wr
-Mediocre league roster



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Cincinnati Bengals 10-17

GB 4 (Week 3 record 4-5) LW #7 (-)

The bengals are not looking good. Struggling to having a winning week. The Bengals playoff hopes are grim. With being 4 games behind they will need a miracle to make a playoff birth. With only 9 games in the week and 4 games behind the Bengals will need to win at least 7 and pray for a crumble of the packers. With none of their QBs having a winning record through 3 weeks, their playoff appearance is looking nonexistent. All season long the Bengals have struggled to get a head of their losses and going into week 4 nothing is different. With trading Highwalker for crazy effects I don’t see this being the game changing move they need to make it pass the mountain the Bengals have been climbing all season. Although may smooth some things out in the locker room it doesn’t appear that locker room antics is the issue here. But we shall see.


PF: 5th (529)

PA: 8th (655)

WK 3: 4-5


Philidelphia Eagles 5-21

GB 9 (Week 3 1-8) LW 8 (-)

Im going to try and be as gentle as i can here. There was some chaos at the trade deadline with some players around the league having issues with a team whom is mathematically eliminated from the playoffs making a trade when it benefits them none. I do believe they are mathematically eliminated even if they go 9-0 and the packers go 0-9 i assume the packers would still have the tie breakers. So the best thing i can say about the Eagles is that the owner johnny wheels will make sure no matter what that his team is there for their games. In doing so will not produce any FFs. Other than that this team is only here to play and enjoy themselves. There season will end at the end of week 4.


PF: 8th (361)

PA: 7th (641)

Wk 3:1-8

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