Hitters & Shitters Part 2

Part 2 of Hitters and Shitters is here. It will be a slightly different then last week but not much different.




1) – TxJamesSmithTx – TxJamesSmith put together another great week just like week 1. 3-0 for the second week in a row with a 6-0 record in season 2. If James can keep this up for another 2 weeks he will be right in the thick of things in the MVP race. Over 600 passing yards and 10 touchdown passes James was surely a hitter in week 2.

2) – F34R Painkiller – F34R finds himself back on this list back to back weeks. F34R so far has to be the front runner for MVP. His dominance on both sides of the ball says it all with a season record of 5-1. F34R numbers took a hit from compared to week 1 but the numbers are still there. Over 450 rushing yards and 9 sacks on the week still has him leading the league in both rushing yards and sacks within the league.

3) – AbyssZl – Abyss had himself a week like we are used to seeing in Madden 22. Abyss racked up over 1,000 passing yards and threw 11 touchdowns in week 2. Abyss is the only VFL 2x MVP and he is getting back to the dominance we are all used to and except.

4) – Hxied – The new kid on the block and he made sure the block was hot in week 2. This guy wasn’t even on a roster in week 1 and instantly comes in and makes a impact for the Packers. Going 3-0 in week 2 with great numbers on both sides of the ball. In the league chat he ideally said he put a end to the Minster of Defense ( Tmo ). Im excited to see if he will keep this up for the remainder of the season. Rumor has it he has called out the Chargers this week and hes ready to put the league on notice.

5) – TPBraves – Bengals owner TPBravesĀ  at the beginning of the season said the only competition was the Bucs and he was looking to make a superbowl run. TPBraves put up some impressive numbers in week 2 with a 2-1 record. Throwing for over 750 passing yards with 8 touchdown passes and 1 interception is good for this being his first time playing Quarterback. Looking for him to keep these numbers up in week 3.

6) – IRxBrady – Brady is known for being one of the leagues best Quarterback for the past 6 seasons , however he has stepped away and showing everyone not only is he a good QB but he can also play a little running back as well. Brady led the league in rushing week 2 with over 660 rushing yards while averaging 12.3 yards per carry.

7) – LuckyyDabs – Luckyy for some time now has claimed nobody in the league ever gives him any credit and he proclaims himself as ( Top 5 ). Luckyy had a week that not even I expected he could put together. Lucky was 11 yards short of passing for 800 yards in week 2 and also had 10 touchdown passes in light of his GM stepping down and had to make some roster changes to keep his team afloat.




1) – WB OmnixGod – OmnixGod is a surprise to me that he made my shitter list on the week. I looked and saw he was 0-3 on the week and Im very shocked Omni would allow himself to go 0-3 in a week. Omni was cut from the Packers last week and I didnt know why. Omni was just a superbowl winning Quarterback about a month ago and now hes been cut and went 0-3 on his new team. Do better Omni because we expect better from you!

2) – Warpath – Warpath is either hot or cold and this week he found himself in freezing water. Going 1-2 on the week with a very low completion percentage with only 1 touchdown pass and 5 interceptions Warpath had to make my shitter list. Im expecting a bounce back week from Warpath in week 3.

3) – JusttSmoove – Another former Packer who found himself traded. It is very unlike JusttSmoove to have a week with only 6 carries and 23 rushing yards with 0 defensive stats. Smoove is usually one of the league best running back and he just had a huge drop off in product. Im expecting a bounce back from Smoove in week 3.

4) – DTM Koolaidz , Ungluetiger , Tmo – Like week 1 I picked a line that was very underwhelming and this line fit the bill. This is a line that was expected to be one of the leagues best and the managed to put together a 0-3 week. There week was so bad as a line all 3 of the QBs they faced this week made my hitters list this week. As I said in week 1 the line of Hutch , Goodfella and KingxJon had to be broken up. Before I could even get this out TMO has already been shipped off to Philly and Nate will fill in for TMO in Tampa. Will this line improve or remain a struggle bus?





Wanted to give a shout out to our guys in the AFL doing a wonderful job. We have 4 people running a AFL team currently and we will be looking to expand that in the upcoming seasons. AFL is very important to our league and we can’t grow as a league without them. Shout out to these few guys helping out and balling in the AFL. UserBFlawless , WTB Buckets , Bhedden , SixthMallard , n8 nice , Blunkey , da champ owns and many more!


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