The only true VFL rookie QB to make the list, since TPBRAVES technically played WR last season. Sure, AR is a cheat code to user, but running with the Green Bay offense, IS NOT. What makes HXIED’s performance thus far even more spectacular, is the fact that he was a late addition to his team and basically had to jump right in… Not only to a new team, but a team that was in VFL turmoil after their GM retired and two different core players were traded away. 


Quite possibly, one of the most enjoyable to watch QBs in our league, BLK is someone who simply sees the field different from most QBs in the VFL- more than likely due to his RB background. Another major selling point of this QB is his willingness to get his user WR involved – not just throwing to himself on most plays. 

#6. TPBRAVES “biggest pro = great scheme/utilizes every player on the field/ biggest con = inexperienced and plays timid at times”.

BRAVES has proved many doubters wrong so far this season with his ability to win big games and keep pace statistically with fellow top VFL QB’s. From firsthand experience, this QB has the potential to be a top 8 play caller for many seasons to come- ideally moving forward you would like to see him develop a relationship with fellow VFL talent, so his lines aren’t always thrown together last second and lacking past chemistry.  

#5. EBOK “biggest pro = elite playbook knowledge / biggest con = hot and cold team performances, never consistently winning games”.

Ebok is most certainly on the VFL’s Mount Rushmore of league quarterbacks. It seems like every season he’s either the favorite or a strong dark horse SB candidate. Statistically speaking his numbers outshine most, but his current W/L record and low completion percentage are slight concerns. One thing is for certain, when watching or playing against his line, the game is going to be a complete shoot out! 

#4. CHAMP “Biggest pro = has some nearly impossible mut plays to stop/ biggest con = if highpoint passing wasnt so op, would he do this well”?

Champ is living the good life this season. Not only does he have the blessing of using the Chargers offense, but he fortunately has the blessing of using the best High point passer in Madden per his in-game abilities. Either way, we can’t take away from his success thus far, with a nearly perfect season record and a very strong TD to INT ratio, one thing is for certain when Champ lines up for a VFL game- his opponents have a very tough road ahead of them. 

#3. LUCKY “Biggest pro = possibly the leagues best game manager / biggest con = good at everything, great at minimal”.

This QB deserves a lot of credit this season. From constant ridiculing in general chat, to players leaving and lines being changed ultra-frequently- LUCKY has been able to drown out the noise and simply focus on winning football games. His stats won’t blow you away, but he does lead the league in completion percentage- which tells me, he’s making the right decision more times than not.  

#2. ABYSS ” biggest pro = plays madden like an actual qb would/ biggest con = lets too many winnable games slip away”.

Ironically speaking, Abyss might be our league’s version of Tom Brady once you break down the all-time stats. I would say he’s probably the most sought after QB to play for, posing very minimal ego and always in consideration for a league title. There’s not much I could say here, that hasn’t been said before by most other league members. Abyss could easily be our #1 ranked QB if his record wasn’t a surprising 3-3.

#1. TXJAMESSMITHTX ” biggest pro = most efficient qb in our league/ biggest con = none at this moment”.

All you really need to say is 6-0 record. When our league revealed it’s early MVP Canidates and TXJAMES wasn’t listed, I truly believe we could have broken the VFL’s code of conduct and started a riot!  

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