Season 7 super bowl starts on Sunday January 15th with the series being a best out of seven the first game kicks off at 9 eastern!

Both of these teams have fought hard all season and pretty much had two different paths to the super bowl in terms of rosters.

The chiefs, ran by Ebok, and Hucci, have had minimal roster changes this season the team you see now is the same team they drafted with the exception of Woohdy being called up week 3, meanwhile on the other side the packers ran by Clampby lucky and Redhour, have gone through roster changes like a smoker goes through packs of Marlboro Reds! Dropping c4use week one because he wasn’t getting the job done trading omni before the start of week 3, acquiring Hutch just for him to retire after a game or two picking up sacrifice and call me Kyle from the AFL this team has been through so much rumor has it that lucky is going to get a tattoo that says “only god can judge me”.

One thing these teams have in common, aside from being in the super bowl, both of these teams original GM’s quit on them early on Eboks (chiefs) original GM Iambeaste quit before the season due to not having the proper time needed to be a GM while the packers original GM Nedley had a disagreement with owner then known as “lucky dabs” aside from the eagles these are the only two teams to finish the season without their original GM. Interesting if you ask me.

To make it to the super bowl you have to have a deep team one line will not be able to get it done and both of these teams have a deep roster. In my opinion the chiefs roster has more depth. Strategy is the key if the packers want to win. If I were the packers I would want my worst line to match up with Ebok realest and Gabe twice. I think this line on the chiefs is one of the best lines if not the best line in the league. Realest is a great defensive play caller and Ebok is arguably the best QB in the league (when he’s not trolling) I would imagine if Lucky plays QB since he is struggling he may want to match up against this line to give the other lines easier matchups in the series to make their chances higher.

Meanwhile the packers top line is no joke. Hexied has proven to be a great QB with having the agg catch down and knowing how to contain it, maybe matching up line for line isn’t a bad strategy. I do believe a “hex v ebok” matchup in the super bowl will be a great one with the possibility of these games being split. (1-1)

Will lucky and the packers be able to beat the depth of the chiefs? I think it is very possible. This series has the making to be possibly one of the best super bowl matchups this rendition of the league has seen since it’s reboot in madden 22.

My opinions:

Chiefs have three great QB’s Ebok, Hucci, and Blksupersayian. Maybe Suoersayain is the QB3 on this team which he could be QB1 on most of the teams that played this season. That’s a scary thought for the packers considering self proclaimed top 5 QB Lucky has been struggling in the playoffs going 0-3 at QB and even switched to RB to allow their ECU Cruce to play QB for them and came out with a clutch win against Jamesmith. Sacrifice was dropped by the bills the beginning of week three and what a blessing that was for him and the packers, sacrifice has played phenomenal in the playoffs and has potential to be one of the teams X-factors in this series.

My prediction: 

With all this being said these are simply my observations and opinions with that being said from my view point I see the Chiefs taking this 4-3 with Ebok realest and gave facing off against Hexied SBG boxing and Wrnzo in the game 7 of the super bowl that game coming down to a game winning field goal that is finally made by Ebok (can’t troll in a game 7)

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