Interview With MVP Snub RPO Painkiller


Today i got blessed with a lil interview with the RB/DL stud RPO Painkiller. (Congrats to TXjames on the great season)

  First off, congratulations on an outstanding season. Although you were not selected as the MVP, your performance was undoubtedly deserving of recognition. Can you share your thoughts on not being selected for the award and were you surprised when TXjames was given the award?
I wouldn't say I'm surprised I kind of expected it because he went 11-1. I just don't think you being 11-1 holds the same weight when you're not leading either of your position groups in stats. And as for not being selected myself, I think slowing down and losing to some extremely good lines in the last 2 weeks hurt my chances.
Speaking of losing to good lines. You had one of the hardest strength of schedules i’ve ever seen. Do you feel like the voters didnt take that into account when choosing MVP? Fear W/L (W- Blunkey, Lucky, Abyss, Hucci, Ace, eboK, Champ) (L- TXjames, Abyss, eboK, Dirty, Warpath)
Definitely played some tough games but I didn't feel like there wasn't a single game this season were we shouldn't have won the game or could've won the game. As for the voters I'm not sure if they knew or didn't know but I find it hard to believe they did know considering I didn't win the award.
With that being said do you feel like the voters just gave him(TXjames) the award because he went 11-1? Heres his schedule. TXjames W/L (W - Fear, Ace, Hutch, Koolaidz, Hex, AP, Ace, WTB Buckets, Gmen, SirBottomis, BLK) (L- UserB)
Looking at who he played I'd say if we played the same guys my line would've at the veery least matched his record and his 11-1 wasn't impressive
You had amazing stats & broke some records but do you feel like Drocks ego got in the way of your line winning or you from putting up even better stats? Also do you feel like you & Drock was a good fit?
Idk if it was his ego, I just think we as a line got to complacent after how well the first 2 weeks went for us. As for fit, I think the plan we had and scheme we ran made us a good fit but idk if that remains consistent if the scheme or team changes but who knows.
In your opinion do you think Drock was feeling pressured by people in chat saying the browns QBs dont pass the ball? & did he feel like he had to prove himself?
I think a little bit of that played a factor into the dip off, but mostly we were practicing for like 3-4 hours a day for the first week or 2 of the season and then didn't for 2nd half of the season so I credit our drop off to that mostly.
What are your plans for season 8? Are you going to run it back on the RB/DL or do you look to DOMINATE elsewhere? Also do you have anything to say to the people who think you only had a good season because you had Nick Chubb & Myles Garrett?
I will be playing RB, as for defense idk yet. I want to play DB but I guess we'll see. And idc what RB you give me... I get the touchs and I'll dominate

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