VFL 3v3 Tournament hosting as of now 9 teams. This will be a power ranking. Showing who i believe will be the weakest teams to the strongest teams. All games will be streamed. Be there and see the Tournament first hand. We will be ranking them starting from the lowest to the highest. The tournaments rules are the same as the VFL so this may play a factor in the rankings.

Special tournament rules and winnings

The winner of the tournament will be given a personal role within the discord for a month!

Also there is a $50 cash prize to the winning team

The amount of teams that sign up will determine if it’s single elimination tournament , double elimination or round robin! We will not host the tournament unless 8 teams sign up! More info to come later!

These teams can’t be used:
Chiefs , Packers , Chargers , Browns , Bucs , Eagles , Bengals , Bills.

Also once you use a team you CAN NOT use them again for the rest of the tournament so choose wisely! (edited)

9. Not Comp



This team is coming in at number 9 Due to their inexperience here in the league and really lack of knowledge of them. They are coming in from another B league that lacks the talent of the VFL. So i would predict they will learn the skill gap quickly between the two.

8.Vicks Dawg Pound

OC: adriansoracco
DC: MyMustangIsSlow
HC: vazsers

Team captain- fear my spirit Wr/DB

Like the previous ranked team i do not have much knowledge of this team. Similar teams come to this league and do not realize that this league holds some of the highest competition in all of team play. There are rules and regs that keep alot of cheese out of the league and it really gives an opportunity to showcase actual skill and not cheese. A hard thing for a lot of new players struggle to adapt to. Maybe this team will be different but i would be surprised. 

7. Brooklyn Gators

OC – Blunkey
HC – BHedden
DC – eboKtsoP

Captain: Blunkey QB/DB


This team has got to be a troll. To have the back to back Superbowl champ Ebok not playing QB really dampens this teams rank. But with blunkey at QB this team takes a dramatic hit. This team has a good cast of players with him but i dont know if that will be enough to overcome his struggles. their fate will be based on his mistakes or lack thereof. 

6. Sac Jacc R3d Off

OC- x Sacr1f1ce x
DC- R3D H0ur
HC- xX713JaccXx

Captain- x Sacr1f1ce x Qb/lb

XFactor: Sacrifice

This team is solid. But is lacking a bit compared to the rest of the tournament roster. Sacrifice has been hit and miss at QB they are a bit better than some other rosters but i think a big factor for this roster will be team selection. Getting a solid RB and help for sac will be key to getting wins. 

5. South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs

OC: Homelander
HC: The Brisket
DC: Ibprofam (Backfield Mismatch)


Captain: @Homelander QB/DB

Homelander playing QB is a bit different then we have seen recently. In season 7 he played WR and played well. With a little bit of locker room problems in season 7 he got shopped but still played well. If he can put his vision at WR to QB  this team can win. They will have solid defense with brisket and a decent RB in profam. If this all comes together this could be a surprise in the tourney. 

4. Connection Interrupted

OC: Userb trash
DC: RegularAssAce

Team captain: connectionb flawed

This is another team that i feal that has a bit of a odd placement of their roster. Userb is a solid QB but im not sure if would be better at the helm than ace. Although maybe ace is a better DC. Userb can compete and is safe with the ball and has a solid run game. This may be able to produce wins in the tourney although im not sure if they will be able to compete with the higher tier competition in the tournament.

3. Glizzy gladiators


OC – Kirk Cousins
HC – The Accountant 🧮
DC – xBeachMode

Captain: @Kirk Cousins QB/DB

This team has a good roster on it. Lucky aka Kirk cousins is a strong QB. Safe with the ball and shows promise to be able to compete at times with top talent. But does have a bit of an inconsistent streak. Beach mode is a solid DC and the accountant has shown to be solid probably top 10 DL in the league. Who is strong at Run stopping play. this team will rely on strong defense and taking care of the ball. Stong team selection will be a big factor in this teams success. 

2. The Big Leagues

OC- xxhucci
DC- CriticalTelos
HC- tpbraves57

Team Name: The Big Leagues

Captain: Critical Telos RB/DB

This team is one of the most balanced teams in the Tournament. With 2 out of the three players being superbowl champions. They will be a tough team to beat as well as braves being a former QB being a strong asset at WR is going to help this team progess throughout the tournament. depending on seeding we could see this team in the final round facing off against my ranked 1 team.

1. Hmmm Bang

OC – @AbyssZl
?? – @OrlandoStayWoke 💍
?? – @💩💩DOGWATER💩💩


Captain: AbyssZl

This team is a star-studded roster. With abyss being the most consistent QB in league history as couple that with Redwater who together won QB and WR of the year awards then add Orlando who has been a long-time teammate of abyss since the LA days. This team is going to be a force and my prediction to win it all.

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