Top 20 Players of Season 7 Part 1 of 4 (Players 20-16)

In this article, I will be discussing my top 20 players of season 7. These rankings will be based on my experiences, statistics, and awards.


DaAccountant is a top 10 defensive lineman in the league and is the sole reason he finds himself on this list at number 20. Lead the league in tackles for a loss but only accumulated 13 sacks and did not produce at a high level on the offensive side of the ball at running back. But is a solid run stopping lineman who was a menace in the backfield game in and game out. The disruption he forced in the run game helped his line to an 8-4 record. He could find himself higher on the list but he is simply not a play-caller and is top tier at his one position which is good enough to find himself in the top 20 of the league.

T1 Anime


Anime is only one of 4 wide receivers on this list and we all know that WR’s have little to do in offenses with the top tier QB’s. Although some numbers cannot be overlooked regardless of how little a player is used. Anime made this list due to his RAC yards and TD’s. Finishing 4th in both categories. Him and his QB wrecked havoc last season pairing with Ebok and winning a Super Bowl. T1 anime should be looking to pair again with another strong QB this season and improve on his already impressive numbers. Being a WR in this league requires patients to run hundreds of routes and possibly touch the ball once for a quarter of the passes that your QB throws. This is one reason why Anime makes this list, to have the season he did with a QB like Ebok, a well known troll must take some massive understanding and patience. 

R0gue apollo

The 2nd of my 4 wide receivers appears at #18. I’m aware that WR’s roles are limited in the new meta of offenses. With that being said Apollo finished second in RAC yards while also having the best reception to TD ratio in the league. Also played on a line finished 11-1, losing one game all season. Although he did not have amazing defensive numbers, he was a major reason why his line only lost one game. Being on a roster that is pass heavy, WR takes patients and trusting your QB. Apollo has been a consistent WR in the league year in and year out and the best blocking WR in the league hands down. 


This one was a bit shocking to me while looking at the statistics. Only playing 8 games on the season when mostly everyone else played 11-12, Reed finished top 10 in sacks, TKFLs, and FFs at Defensive line. Couple that with finishing top 10 in receiving TD’s in only 8 games is truly impressive. This player would have been much higher on the list if he would have had a full season of stats. He played extremely well and took advantage of his all his opportunities that were presented to him. Helped the chargers transition to keep their winning ways after losing huskynuts to abrupt retirement. Ed reed deserves his position among the top 20 and I hope to see what he can bring with a full season of statistics.

Shady On Xbox

Shady has had a great season on the defensive side of the ball. Finishing second in defensive INT’s with 17. His season started off shaky at QB with Eagles, after transitioning to RB in week 3 and shortly being traded to the Buccaneers. He then found his footing and ended up playing under Abyss. Finding success and helping the line as a whole, rack up an impressive winning streak. Which having his dominate play at DB surely helped. Being one of the more consistent DB’s in the league year in and year out makes it no surprise that shady made the top 20.

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