Season 8 Owners Ranking

In this article I will be ranking owners from season 8. The ranking will take experience, success on and off the field and player knowledge all into consideration.


Johnny Wheels

Johnny wheels has yet to prove himself as a solid owner. His first season as management he was GM for the 49ers 2 seasons ago finished last in the league that season. Last season Johnny tried his luck at ownership, won the eagles in the team bidding, selected Blunkey as his GM which may have been his downfall, but none the less still finished at the bottom of the league. Not even in competition finishing the season with only 6 wins. Although Johnny put together a solid team in the bidding, many of those players did not want to stay in Philly. This has to be a main concern heading into the season for Johnny closing in on the team and player bidding. Johnny needs to find and produce a competitive season this year or his ownership opportunities may end early. It all has to start by selecting a solid GM that can invite and recruit good talent that wants to be there.


  • Strong GM
  • Amazing player management

In my opinion, Johnny is on the hot seat this season and must find a way to be competitive if he wishes to contiune owning a team in this league.



Mallard is a rookie owner at the NFL level but has experience running a team from his time last season as the owner of the AFL Packers. He is a strong new owner who looks to build a solid reputation coming into his year one of ownership. With bidding for both players and owners around the corner it will be interesting to see what he can bring to the table in the NFL. What players he brings with him to the next level, or will he gather players from the player pool we have seen. 

I had a quick conversation with mallard to see how he felt about becoming an owner at the NFL level:

He stated “I’m excited for it. I had fun as AFL owner last season, and I’m looking forward to a new challenge in this one. While last year was really all about getting guys, really anyone, to play games, this season is going to be about finding the right line ups and making sure the best players are playing every game every night out.”

I also asked him how he felt he would rank amongst the other owners being a new owner.

He said “I think I’ll likely start off pretty low, I keep a pretty low profile in chat and I don’t think too many people know me, but I think my team will speak for itself. I think I’ll finish around the middle of the pack, make the playoffs, and have at least one good playoff series.”

I asked him as well how he felt the transition from afl will go he said “I think the transition will go well, but something unexpected can always pop up and I just want to be ready for anything.”

Overall Mallard is looking for a good start as rookie owner and as long as he does not have locker room issues it is very possible for him to finish in the top half of the league.



Smitty is a veteran all the way back to the league arena days. He has vast experience in regular season and playoff games. Has had ownership experience and player knowledge of most players around the league. The biggest concern will be his play at QB. But other than his on field play a major highlight for Smitty will be his player pool. With a lot of newer faces around the league it will be interesting to see his bidding class and team selection in the coming days. It’s not hard to believe Smitty can have a solid season in season 8 being that he is a vet of the league but is still going to be an owner to keep an eye on during the bidding. Few owners come in without a plan and I’m sure he is no exception. A lot will be said in the team bidding to see were this owner will land in the overall ranking of things as well as player interest to his team. 



THE GRITTY, Bhedden comes in at #7. For the main reason that he is a new owner but in the short time Bhedden has been in the league he has accomplished a lot.  Including to being a GM, as well as taking staff. He looks to broaden that resume with a strong season of ownership. In doing so he will need a strong strong supporting cast and GM. Which sources say the GM he is selecting is not bad by any means. Beyond management BHedden will need to make sure to make sure to secure a strong team and couple that with strong QBs in bidding is the best way to start strong. It will be a lot easier for a newer owner to recruit top players if he has a strong team. In my opinion Bheddens season starts there. Bhedden in my opinion is a very capable owner and a great guy who will be able to handle players with out a petty or overly aggressive temperament. The only concern I have for him as an owner is getting player to want to play for a new owner. As well as his on the field abilities a lot of ownership is going to have 2 QBs in management which if Bhedden does not take a QB spot will make it more important to have a strong player draft. His path through the waters is going to be tough but doable this is not the strongest season of other owners so his shot is solid. 



TP had a bit of a rough season 7 only winning 10 games. Some locker room issues and a rollercoaster of trades. This season he looks to turn the page and gather himself with a clean slate. Although last season their record was lacking the competitive side was not the Bengal’s had extremely competitive games. With the correct GM and team I feel TP Braves can take it to the next level and make the playoffs this season. His GM pick is a bit of a shocker but none the less they will have to navigate through the top heavy season. The top of this owners list is going to be overwhelming and a handful. I do believe TP is capable of winning and being better than a some of the owners ranked above him on this list but must prove he can keep his house in order and get players through bidding and keep them together. In order to build chemistry and make a strong late season push.



Mrr Ohio is a man that does not need an introduction, if you have been around at all throughout the years. He is a veteran in all since of the word. He has participated in all aspects of the league. From owner, GM, Staff and player. So having knowledge of players is not going to be an issue with his team bidding. The main issue I feel he will run into is making sure his management office has talent. The actual management side of things he can handle at the fullest. Like other owners he needs to use his GM spot strictly as a FREE player and QB. Since I do not believe Ohio is playing QB it will be extremely difficult for him to overcome the owners who do have 2 QBs already locked in going into bidding. I have no doubt that Ohio will no have no issues on the management side of things. On the field is going to be the biggest mountain to climb.



Well, he finally fulfilled his dream and made a top 5 list. It would be extremely disrespectful to not put the season 7 Super Bowl attendee in the top 5 owners of the next season. Lucky has proven he has what it takes to take a team to the Super Bowl. Knowing and using his knowledge of the league to maneuver through management issues and controversies Lucky will be an issue throughout the season. Although he is not the best player by any means he is no slouch on the management side of things.  Doing what it takes to win at all cost. Even after losing his GM early last season still managed to find a way to pull players to win games. Finding diamonds in the rough. Doing whatever it takes and I would expect nothing less this season. 


King Champ

Champ has owner experience. The last time being the Baltimore ravens season 6. Making an appearance in the playoffs. Couple that with a season 7 stint as GM of the Chargers under TXJamesSmithTX. He has ample of experience running a team. He has his own group of guys that I’m sure he is bringing in. With a strong player as his GM he will easily come into season 8 without stumbling. A strong game plan. I’m sure their team bidding will definitely have the showing of a strong QB team. With all this, this is the main factor that champ comes in at number 3 on this list and I expect and almost guarantee to see him in the playoffs at the end of the season.



After missing last season with some GM controversies. HE IS BACK. Beaste has made his return and is looking to pick up right were he left off. Which is a Super Bowl appearance if you didn’t know. The last time Beaste was in the league he was the owner of the season 7 Super Bowl runner ups the buffalo bills. Looking to build off that beaste is a front runner for another appearance in the big game. With strong QB play and fresh eyes after his short hiatus. He will take the league by storm surely pairing up with a strong GM and taking heads week one. Anything less than a Super Bowl appearance will be a bust. Showing his resilience in season 7 he started off rough but build a strong team around him to float him through the rough patch. but then turned on strong near the end to make the Super Bowl push. No doubt in my mind the slow start is out the window and it is all about the wins starting at week one.



Don’t let the constant trolling, FG shanking, Blunky hating fool you. EBOK is easily the number one choice on this list. The reigning season 8 Super Bowl champion Ebok has his GM returning and a list of players he will already be eyeing in the bidding. Looking for another season with a strong offensive team for him and Hucci. It will be a tough matchup for anyone who is lined up against these guys. Especially with the fresh faces and new owners this season going to be like shooting fish in a barrel for these guys. I expect the scoreboards to be lit up as well as their win column. Any player who lands on this team will be sitting in a good position going into the season. His management skills have seemed to be as good as his offense and Eboks offense is no joke, although it seems like that’s all he does, do not sleep on this guy. You will regret it…………

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