Top 20 players Season 7 (15-11)

This is opinionated and purely off of personal experience and statistics in season 7

# 15


TFL: 21

Here at number 15 we have Northsides. Not only did he pilot Nick Chubb one of the most broken players in the league he also was piloting Myles Garret who is also one of the most broken players in the game. Finishing 3rd in rushing yards with a bit more than 1500 yards with a low YPC 6.6 he did lead the league in TDs. On the flip side controlling garret was not as successful only racking up 10 sacks with one of the most prolific pass rushers in the league. Which is why he ended up in the bottom half of this list none the less still deserving a top 20 spot. Playing hard on a run only team and still succeeding in that category is not easy. Regardless of the player you are piloting. Congrats to northsides for making the top 20

# 14

Farah En fuego

YRDs: 1816
TDs: 19
Ints: 6

Farah was one of the Stronger Play callers in the league this season although his statistics were not chart breaking. He was a major factor for his lines Ws. Finishing the season with a 8-4 record which is better than a lot of other players in the league. Delivering scheme after scheme to make that record come to pass. This is a major factor on why Farah has found himself on the top 20 along with the other talented players in the league.



TFL: 45
Sacks: 14

Redwater was apart of one of the highest scoring offenses in the league. Putting up an impressive stat line in season 7. Leading the league in Receiving yards and receiving TDs and Rac. His defensive numbers were mediocre with a high number of TFL and an ok number of sacks. The influence was clearly more on the offensive side. Being the number one receiver in the league made Red a clear lock for the top 20 of season 7.



TFL: 20
Dtds: 1

Realest has made this list mainly on a defensive play caller but on top of that realest had a decent season. Finishing the year top 10 in rushing TDs which does say a lot considering he was in one of the most pass heavy offenses in the league. As well making the most of every carry opportunity producing an 8.4 ypc average which is solid amongst other RBs. On the other side of the ball, he gathers 11 ints which is a strong showing. Having a lockdown defense is the main reason we are here talking about realest. Showing he is the #1 DC in the league by putting on a show in the Superbowl for all who were watching. Shutting down the high point throwing GB packers in multiple games. As well as backing up all the shit talk that was had in chat. 


King Champ

%: 58
Yrds: 1986
Tds: 19
ints: 6

Champ had a strong season with the chargers helping his team finish with the best record in the league. Picking up a Gm spot as well as taking a QB spot he had a outstanding season with 19 TDs and a single digit 6 ints. The chargers were a well fit for champ after picking up his go to receiver Farah the season started off fantastic for champ and ended with a all in all strong season. Look for champ to follow up his season 7 performance with another similar season in season 8 after taking ownership.

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