Owner Team Bidding Rankings by Realest260

This ranking is my opinion on how owners did in the team bidding.


1) JohnnyWheels ( Chargers 12.5 Million )  – I think Johnny did the best job in the season 8 team bidding. In my opinion the Chargers are the 2nd best team in Madden after the roster reset. Johnny easily stole the show by only spending 12.5 million the Chargers while 5 other madden teams went for more. Johnny struck gold early in the team bidding and walked away with one of the best teams on the game. In the past Johnny has struggled to keep some of the leagues ” top players ” on his roster. I’m wondering if him having the Chargers will changed people opinion of Johnny this upcoming season. Best of luck buddy.


2) Mallard ( Bills 15 Million ) – Very simple Mallard got the best team on Madden. Josh Allen is a top 3 QB on Madden when it comes to abilities, size, speed and throw power. Not only that but Buffalo easily has the best defense on Madden. Bills defense has to be every defensive coordinators dream which is to play with a team with abilities everywhere in the secondary. If the Bills don’t have the fewest team points allowed this season everyone on the team should consider not playing again! Great pick by Mallard.


3 ) Ebok ( Eagles 1 Million ) – I was waiting for someone to throw 1 mil on the Eagles because they are worth it.  Eagles are fast on both sides of the ball and are very well rounded. Hurts may not have good passing abilities but he is a great runner with the fast break where you can really do some things in the running game. They have a very good WR core with a solid running back and a strong offensive line. On the defensive side they have at least 6 guys who you can rotate on the defensive line ill also have some DB’s with speed led by Darius ” Big Play ” Slay. Ebok fresh off a Super Bowl will be able to have 39 million in cap space headed into the player bidding.


4) Champ ( Chiefs 16 Million ) – This made a lot of scene for Champ to spend a lot of money on the a team like KC. I feel as if the Chiefs have the toughest offense to go against in Madden. It all starts with Mahomes and Kelce just like you watch every Sunday. Mahomes unlike last Madden is easily a top 5 QB on Madden with good passing abilities and a rocket arm. Kelce might be the Madden swiss arm knife when it comes to being all around player. You can leave him lined up at TE but you can also split him out at WR where he can cause a lot of issues when it comes to a size matchup. Then you throwing MVS , Mecole Hardman , Toney and your got yourself a Nightmare on Elm Street. Chiefs defense is pretty mid outside of Chris Jones but who needs defense when you got that offense.


5) Smitty ( Packers 16 Million ) – I loved Smitty going out and putting up the big bucks for a team like Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers is the 2nd best QB on Madden which make them so appealing. Packers are just very balanced every on both sides of the ball. I think it was very important for Smitty to go out there and get one of the best teams Madden has to offer.


6) Beaste ( Bucs 16 Million ) – I think this was a slight reach for the Bucs when the Chargers went for 12.5 million and the Chargers are a better Madden team. One thing I can say for sure is Tom Brady is the best Madden quarterback. Set feet lead , fearless and hot route master is a QBs dream come true. Then you throw in the likes of Mike Evans , Chris Godwin , Julio Jones which cause a lot of issues. With the reset it does help the Bucs defensively but offensive they have lost 2 of their top offensive lineman because of a glitch in superstar KO. For Beaste he will be praying for some help from EA hoping to get those players back. I would put Beaste a spot lower but they have Tom Brady.


7) TP Braves ( Browns 1 Million ) – 2 words… Nick Chubb , that’s all the really needs to be said. Nick Chubb caused a lot of fits around the league last season and I don’t see much of that changing headed into season 8. I don’t think it’s very important that they spend money on the running back position this season in the bidding but they have the cap to do so. Browns cause issues in Madden because they can take the clock with the running game and have Myles Garrett who might be the best pass rusher on Madden which can really limit the other teams offense with a short amount of time to score. If you’re a top RB in the bidding you should be getting in touch with the Browns management looking for a tryout.


8) Lucky ( Bengals 15.5 Million ) – Bengals are the worst best team on Madden if you know what I mean. Joe Burrow has most of the good passing abilities so it makes the team a big threat, They do have JaMarr Chase and Tee Higgins along with Joe Mixon in the backfield which gives them ton of talent on the offensive side of the ball but the defense to me is just mid. They have one good pass rusher but no abilities and Jessie Bates but thats it defensively. If you’re gonna spend 15.5 million on the Bengals you might as well have went for Chargers , Bills , Packers , Bucs.


9) Mr Ohio ( Cowboys 1 Million ) – Cowboys are just a super mid team to me. Dak stinks , WR play makers aren’t the best , defense is a better version of the Bengals. Diggs is really good and so is Parsons. But the Dak is just makes their offense very limited. If don’t have a passing abilities you need to be good running abilities or you need to be fast like Justin Fields. I would have spent 1.5 million on the Ravens or just went with 49ers who are a more well rounded team.


10) BHedden ( Dolphins 1 Million ) – Dolphins to me are like Dallas but with speed everywhere. I think Dallas is a better choice than the Dolphins due to Dak having better throw power than Tua and Dallas being better defensively. Much like Mr Ohio I think Bhedden should have just spent 1.5 million on Ravens or spent 1 million on the 49ers who are simply a more well rounded team than the Dolphins.

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