High Times – Totally Unbiased Early Team Rankings

Season 8 is already underway but our first true look at what this season’s Owners/GMs are cooking up will come Friday, when player bidding begins. Thus far, Season 8 is already starting off with a major BANG, as team bids eclipsed numbers we’ve never witnessed in the league before. My rankings below will cover that and overall potential moving forward. 

#10 & #9 – Miami Dolphins/ Dallas Cowboys

Let’s start off with the facts, this is purely speculation based, by no means do I have a crystal ball in front of me, telling me which teams will succeed or fail this season. What I can tell you is, both of these teams currently have no true QB users heading into the season and they made the job even tougher by selecting teams that WILL NOT be QB friendly. On the positive side, cap spent is ideal and both teams are filled with OP weapons that can keep opposing teams up at night. My question is this, can they capitalize during player bidding and surround their lockeroom’s with proven VFL winners? 

#8 – Green Bay Packers 

I get it, how could Mr Gunslinger himself be ranked so low when everyone and their mother could probably throw for 300 yards a game using Aaron Rodgers. Well, the answer is simple… Owner/GM Smitty and Fig are not users with any QB experience/success at least within the last 4-5 seasons I’ve been a part of the VFL. Now, does that mean their incapable?? No… but they either plan on one of them giving QB a shot, or they plan on somehow bidding 3 QBs while only having 24 MIL left to spend, on a total of 7 players. 

#7 – Buffalo Bills

Here we go again.. The BUFFALO BILLS ranked this low??? When we can probably all agree, after roster reset this team is probably the most talented group of men in the game!! Here’s my dilemma and thoughts, similar to the Packers above, you’re 15 MIL deep in your cap already and you have no QB’s. Now I understand the very talented user “Shady” is going to give QB a try and with him having Josh Allen, chances are he can make the jump work.. BUT, how did that go last season with the Eagles?? The answer is not well. If Shady is not confident at QB and stays at his true position RB, this team then needs to figure out how to afford 3 QBs with 25 MIL cap, good luck! 

#6- Los Angeles Chargers 

I’m truly excited for Johnny Wheels and company, he landed probably the most fun team to play with offensively and somehow, he landed them while spending 3-4 MIL less than other Owners who attacked the Power 6 teams. This man truly deserves another shot at leading a team to the promise land, after last season when he was setup for failure when he selected VFL clown Blunkey as his GM.. RIP. 

#5 – Cleveland Browns 

Hey, I know these guys!! Now coming off a season where he finished top 6 in all QB statistics, TPBraves is looking to build on that success with a complete 180 team selection with the Browns. Here’s the facts because at this point, I’ve heard every critique this team is facing. Yours truly “Highwalkr” is stepping into the QB arena and is doing it with a team/player that will make passing the ball effectively, very problematic. The Browns are clearly lacking an elite QB presence with Deshaun Watson and after last season, the league eventually figured out how to stop Nick Chubb (sort of).. Here’s what I’ll say to all the haters- 39 MIL cap, an Owner/QB that has proven HE can get the job done passing and a GM that is probably one of the most active/engaged users within our league. If you think I don’t have the ability to craft together an ELITE roster with a 15 MIL advantage over 60% of the league, you bumped your damn head. 

#4 – Cincinati Bengals

I like Owner- Lucky, I also like the Bengals, especially Joe Burrow having the Fearless perk- what I’m a little concerned with is the amount of $$ they purchased this team for and his GM selection who I won a super bowl with! So I’m truly torn here, on one side of the coin I see a more than capable Owner/QB and a very capable GM/QB, playing with a team that’s loaded with talent on ball sides of the ball. Now on the other side of the coin, I see a suspect GM pairing when you compare their situation to KC, TB, PHI and I see a team that should have probably went for 10-12 MIL at the most. 

#3 – Philadelphia Eagles

I WILL NOT BET AGIANST EBOK UNTIL HE DOESN’T WIN A TITLE… I’ve made that mistake before and I simply won’t do it again. All I will say is this.. He did a phenomenal job landing PHI for only 1MIL and as always, Hucci is a great GM addition. What I’m curious to see is if taking away the ability to high point pass 75% of his balls, will slow down his success in this league? Back-to-back season, he murdered with this meta, this season his offense will for better or for worse, look MUCH different. 

#2 & #1 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers/ Kansas City Chiefs 

With these rankings this early in the season, it’s hard to truly say who’s number one- So to make it easier on myself, I have these last two teams paired together because in my eyes, they are neck in neck when it comes to current state and potential. Both teams have phenomenal QB pairings, while both teams also paid WAYYYY too much for their respected teams. Either way, you get what you pay for and at least they only have to budget for 1 QB!  

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