Post Bidding Roster Grades and Rankings

Let me start this off by saying I think alot of you guys did a awful job building a roster. For anyone who knows me I dont pull any punches and I will always be straight forward with my opinion. If you don’t like it prove me wrong or go cry.

10) Packers – I’m gonna say this with the upmost respect , what in the world is this? I’m very confused on how you spend double the amount on your team then you spend on your actually roster. We give owners 40 million in cap space to use and this team has 16.5 million left to use. I see some names on this roster who are players you want on a roster with Dfeet and Ugongetthiswork. Outside of that this roster lacks alot in my opinion. I could see some trade request in the near future coming from this roster. Even with the Packers this is a roster I see struggling for a majority of the season , hopefully I’m wrong but right now this is what I seeing with this roster. My letter grade for this team is a (  D- )

9) Cowboys – 1 million spent on the team , 13 million spent on the roster and still 26 million cap….. This team could have literally had any player in the league they wanted with this amount of cap remaining. I like that the Cowboys picked up the AP line because I believe they are a good 3 line in the VFL. I think the AP line is capable of winning you at least 5 games in a regular season and will always show up. 9 million on Drock???????????? I think this roster could have been put together a little bit better. Maybe instead of Drock and Doc Holiday you could have gotten Abyss and Redwater as a duo. The cap is was there to do it but just didn’t do it. Mr Ohio is a vet in the league and has been a owner multiple times so I expected better.     My letter grade for this team is a ( F )

8) Browns – I’m a little shocked because I thought with 39 million in cap space heading into the bidding the Browns roster would look a lot better. Looking at this roster I just see alot of names but not alot of people who are gonna mesh. This bidding hasn’t even been over for 24 hours and 3 new players have already arrived in Cleveland which tells me they already had trouble early. The most known player on the roster is Kuhrow who is making his return to the VFL after missing 2 seasons. Im confused on why your highest paid player won’t even be a big threat on the offensive side of the ball because he is a WR. I see alot wrong with this roster and after seeing multiple trades before the season has even kicked off I expect more trades to come in the near future. My letter grade for this season is a ( D+ )

7) Bengals – I have no idea what to think of this roster to be honest. As I was making this article Bengals traded Accountant for Redwater which I think was a mistake due to the fact that Accountant is capable of calling defense and Redwater doesn’t really like doing it. As I stated man time I think Lucky was blessed last season with guys like Hexi , Cruce and Boxing who were all 500k player who all feel into his lap. Now all of these guys are management or worth a large salary that Lucky couldn’t afford due to spending 15.5 on the Bengals. Sac hasn’t had much success in the VFL outside of using Aaron Rodgers. I dont really see a clear line one on this team which I think is needed to have a chance to compete for a Superbowl. My letter grade for this team is      a    ( D+ )

6) Chargers – When Johnny picked the Chargers I was happy for him at first. Johnny last season had lots of trouble getting guys to stay on the roster with trade demands left and right. This season Johnny finally went out and got a top tier QB in last season MVP James. Johnny also went out and got James players he was comfortable playing with in Rouge and Apple Danish. This line got 11 wins last season I don’t see why they can’t go at least 9-3 or 8-4 this upcoming season. My concern with the Chargers is the rest of the roster. The other 4 guys drafted Im not really to familiar with as far as names go. Johnny going out a grabbing a top QB along with having the Chargers I have him at number 6. My letter grade for this team is a ( C+ ) 

5) Bills – Bills were one of two teams who didn’t have a QB headed into the bidding and they paid 19.5 million for one. As I said Koolaidz to me is the knock off version of Ponchy , Doesn’t need good users to fit his scheme and makes due without. Im not very sure about the other 2 QBs they drafted but I heard good things about Explikcit so im sure Mallard feels he stole a solid QB. Datboykarma is a underrated player who is a VFL vet from years ago. They do have Call mee Kyle who seems to be the VFLs good luck charm this Madden however I’m gonna be honest hes more of a team mascot. Shady is easily the best player on this roster due to his ability to be able to call defense , be a QB and also easily one of the league most talent running backs. At some point I think it will be best for Shady to step in at QB to help improve the team. Bills in my opinion are the best Madden team and you can just if your a LB or DB you can just put the controller down and that defense will get the job done. My letter grade for this team is a ( C+ )

4) Dolphins – Now when Bhedden went out and got Cruce as a GM I was like wow this is a good start. Then I was really worried because he only spent 1 mil on his team with a QB who play alot of mut where the QBs having the good passing abilities so I was a little off of this team headed into the bidding. Then I seen he got alot of players I added onto my bid em up list. Also this team just traded for Da Account via trade today but Accountant is already rumored to be trying to force his way onto the Chiefs roster. I think Boxing and Verts were good pick up for this Dolphins team. Boxing was one of the best DCs in the league last season bring the Spinner , DB Fire meta from Mut into our league cause lots of fits for QBs. Verts is rumored to be a good solid QB also coming from the mut scene with a new style of offense the league hasn’t seen yet. Also lets no sleep on the Dolphins getting F34r who was top 3 in MVP talks just last season. My only concern is Tua… Will he hold this roster back or will he be able to get the job done. My letter grade for this team is a ( B+ )

3) Bucs – I would say without a question Beaste has the best QB room in the VFL. He was already off to a great start adding IR Brady as a GM but then he took it a step further by going right out and dropping 21 mil on Abyss. I dont think anyone will be able to say heading into the season they have 3 QBs to matchup vs against this Bucs team. However after you see the top 3 QBs the rest of this roster isn’t much to desire. Beaste has a line with 2 people he is comfortable with in Clutchking and his brother BeefyChubb. Brady and Abyss are gonna be playing with some guys they might not have the most chemistry with. I think because this team has the Bucs they will be fine in the regular season but when it comes to the playoffs I might be a little worried. I expect this team to be in alot of shootout because I dont see a DC on this roster which also really concerns me. My letter grade for this team is a ( C+ )

2) Chiefs – Chiefs were already looking strong headed into the bidding with owner Champ and GM Hexi looking like a possible power duo. I know Hexi was very happy after the bidding getting his ” Mut Boy ” Dexi GL. Also per usual Champ brought back his DC Farah en Fuego who he has played with every season. I also like that Champ brought in WRNZO to play with Hexi again because WRNZO was dominate in the running game last season. I guess my big question mark for the Chiefs will be line 3. When you spend lots of money on a top tier team your gonna take a shit somewhere and I think that is line 3. Regardless this team will be a regular season powerhouse for sure. My letter grade for this team is a ( B+ )

1) Eagles – Ebok I believe on paper has the most complete roster after the bidding. With 39 mil in cap headed into the bidding I already seen what Ebok had cooking for the most part. I know this season he really wanted to make sure he surrounded Hucci with good talent and he did that by getting him Tmo and North. These are 2 guys who are VFL vets and both have been winners in this league. Also I knew Ebok would go out and get Gabe to come back and play on his line because that is someone he is very comfortable playing with. My question mark with this team is what the 3rd line will look like. Bressus is making his return to QB which I think might be best for him because his ability to be a running back was at a all time low. Somehow this kid continues to find his way back onto Ebok roster. I think Brisket could be the bright spot on the 3rd line and help them in the long run. My letter grade for this team is a ( A- )

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