Blunkster interview

I know everyone hates on blunkey, but to be honest, he’s not a bad QB and I saw a few questionable people being taken over him. In my personal opinion he can be a very bad teammate at times but he is not bad at QB. So I decided to catch up with him and ask him a few questions. Enjoy

1. Not being picked up in a ten team season, how does that make you feel? And what do you plan to do to prove you’re capable of being on a squad?

Not being bided on this VFL season is a new experience for me personally. I pretty much had a roster spot on a team every season since I first entered the league in season 4, and when I noticed I wasn’t gonna be bided on this season I was disappointed in a lot of those owners because in the past I had some of those guys back and I even gave some of those guys roster spots last season when I was in management position and they were looking for a home. This is one of those experiences I needed to experience so I can really know who’s there for me and who’s not so I’m grateful that I was put in a position like this but now I’m just looking forward to working my way on to a team and when I get my chance we not letting up the gas.

2. Would you be willing to play something other than QB if a team was willing to call you up?

I got a couple of people telling me to switch positions but I would never switch. I can’t trust no one else to lead a team like I’m capable of doing . I know if coach need me to make a play ima be the one to make a play if no one else is

3. I’ve personally played a few games with you and you’re honestly a decent enough QB my biggest complaint is the way you talk to people, do you plan on changing that at all? Or just staying the same way?

A lot of people view me as a disrespectful person but really I only talk to a handful of people in a disrespectful tone cause that’s the type of relationship we have with one an other. But when it comes to my actual VFL teammates that I had the pleasure of sharing the field with they know the real me

4. What team would you want to play on the most VFL wise?

I’m open to play for any team that gives me the opportunity to play for them I’m just looking to showcase my abilities. They say the hungriest dogs run the fastest, well I’m starving for this  and I’m tryna come out here and ball.

5. Do you think you still have a shot at winning MVP this season?

I’m not worried to much about the MVP award I know if I ball at the level I know I’m capable I’ll get what I deserve.

I know everyone gives blunkey a hard time but I think he deserves a spot on a team so any owner out there that has a QB that is struggling or maybe someone retires, this interview is a good indicator that he is hungry to show what he can do.

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