Being a new comer to the league can be a very intimidating and nerve racking experience. Also, at times, not very welcoming. I’ve noticed pork has been extremely active in the chat and played in Thursdays showcase! I wanted to catch up with him and get to know him a little better!

  • 1. Being a new player in the league, what we’re your initial thoughts about the discord when you popped in here?
    Well I learned about this league from the discord where Xbehe posted about it and I found my way in here. When I first got in here I was super intrigued with everything. I had never run trios even though I have played madden for 5-6 years. At first I thought it was just a cool thing some people were trying to start but as I started reading and looking. This is a legit league, with legit people, who are making legit decisions. That made me invested instantly
  • 2. How did you hear about the league? And based off first impressions do you think the community is a good fit for you?
    As I said last question, xbehe posted about it in the discord and I just decided to take a look. As soon as I came in multiple owners and governors were welcoming and supportive. They showed me around and helped explain. I got to give a good shoutout to Johnnywheels, he was the first guy to let me in a game and really just appreciated his character and vibe. Helped me meet a lot of the guys too.
  • 3. You played in the showcase and maybe it wasn’t your best performances, do you believe this contributed to you not having a bid? If so do you plan on taking the AFL by storm? Essentially showing everyone what they missed out on?
    Yah without a doubt it contributed. I mean I am the new buck, young guy who nobody knows. I knew that going into showcase as a QB was a risk. But high risk high reward. Now I have a chip on my shoulder. I think after the first game which I made some bad reads and had some nerves I settled in. Ever since then I have put up solid stat lines with Justin Herbert, Josh Allen, and most notably Tom Brady against lucky. I have been in the lab and definitely plan to prove a point in the afl, I think quickly people will try and throw me in a line and see if I can help a team out. The league will learn soon.
  • 4. For the owners looking for potential backup plans, what positions do YOU feel you’re best at?
    Well offensively you can put me in anywhere. I think once I develop more at RB or WR I will have some more value but that’s not the focus. I joined as a QB, plan to join a team as a QB. Defensively, I am a DL/LB guy. In a DL tryout with lucky I had 2.5 sacks with Trey Hendrickson and play DL irl, so I think I just have a deeper understanding for the position. LB, I had a user pick 6 in the showcase and know how to float in the middle pick up certain routes when I need to
  • 5. Last but not least tell us a little something about yourself. (Sense of humor maybe favorite madden memory how long you’ve played madden ETC ETC)
    Well I have played madden since I was little, my dad never took it easy on me and would stomp me every time. But it made me want to work on my craft, now I whoop him every time we play. Being only 17 I’m young, I want to learn, I want to help, I want to win. At the end of the day this game is about fun, but this league is about winning a championship. I think I can help a team not only on the field, but also off the field and just bring a smile to some peoples faces, that’s the goal at the end of the day.
    Honestly pork seems like a real chill individual help me welcome one of our newest members! And wish him the best of luck in his ritual career!
    I expect big things out of him!

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