HUCCIS Post bidding thoughts Part 1


        The Bengals are a solid squad based around two very good qbs. If they perform well this team can compete. Lucky finished last season posting an 8-4 record with a playoff bid. Many will say Cruce carried him in the playoffs but obviously he played well enough in the season to get there. Regardless of what anyone says 23 TD – 10 INTs is an above average season for a Qb. He played well defensively as well posting 16 INTs to 3 DTDs. Lets move on to the next Qb and a guy that was a fingertip away from saving his teams life in the playoffs, Sacr1fice. I have played Sac a lot and i really think he is a phenomenal qb. Posting a 6W-4L record last season. His subpar 14TD-12INT kind of surprises me. Considering how he played on the field against me multiple times i expected a better stat line when digging into his stats. I know the type of play Sac can deliver but according to the stats he may need to work on consistency. Sac will be the guy i look at most on the Bengals. His performance can propel this team forward. The 3rd Qb UserB has experience at QB but hasn’t really had a great season statistically at QB. Although, posting a 5-2 Record last season is definitely helpful. I don’t think we have seen the best of UserB yet. The other stud on the team, Accountant, recently got traded for RedWater. Accountant and Redwater are basically the same. Both are very good DL and can change the game with one under pressure. I honestly don’t know who won in this trade. Redwater was the best WR statistically last season but he also had the best qb in the VFL, Abyss throwing to him. I guess time will tell who won in this trade. All in all this team is built with a lot of potential. I don’t exactly know what the lines will be the only for sure is Sac, Redhour and Jacc. Which is a very good line. Lucky being a good owner I’m sure he will put his team in the best position. I’ve played with Midnight and he brings great energy to a team and very easy to get along with. As for Beachmode, he hasn’t had the best teams in the past but he is a good player. I like the idea of having a former Qb at RB/WR. It helps when it comes to concepts and seeing the defense. Qbs normally know where the holes are in the coverage based on the immediate post snap movement. In conclusion, Lucky has a decent little squad here to make another run. But it will all hinge on their individual performances, mostly from the QBS. Joe Burrow is not the best thrower in this game. Sure SFL is great but even with that his release is kind of bad. Otherwise the Bengals are stacked enough to beat any team, any day.


               My only question off rip for the Browns management is why didn’t you spend more money? They opened the first day after bidding by making some decent trades. TPBraves the owner is making moves. Will he make a move for a Qb is the question i got to ask. This teams is stacked with a bunch of RB, even at quarterback (Nate). I’m not knocking Nate at all, got a lot of love for the guy but bringing Nate in at QB after he switched from RB to use DeShaun Watson is gonna be tough. That’s a tough ask from anyone. Yeah he knows some solid run schemes but at some point you got to pass. I may be wrong because great clock management can win games and i believe Nate is a smart enough player to make that a factor. Watson is a struggle bus I just hope Nate does well. Lets talk TPBraves, at QB he hasn’t had a great season since he switched from WR. He posted 24TD-15INT but a mere 3-7 record last season. I expect better numbers from TP this season as he continues to learn the QB position. 3-7 Records is kind of a trend with the Browns Qbs. Highwalker posted the same stat line last season. Honestly this may be a genius move. Get the best running team to learn how to play QB. Control the ball and learn your passing offense as you go. I hope they all succeed because we need more Qbs in this league. Lets talk about these trades because they factor in to whether these Qbs succeed. Word around the league is that Tiger is toxic. I heard that well before bidding. So maybe they bid on him as trade bait. Boy did they bait someone by getting my favorite WR in the league, T1 Anime. SB Champ T1 Anime. The self proclaimed “best distraction in the league”. Anime posted numbers last season earning him the 3rd most receiving yards and 3rd most TDs in the league. Factor the 12 Sacks he had and 28 TFL this was a good trade for the browns to shake the toxicity from the locker room early. Anime is a great teammate. The second trade, Redwater and Death for BLK and Behe makes sense to me. BLK being a quarterback who acts like a running back worked for awhile but i honestly feel BLK at running back with Chubb is scary. He as well is a great teammate and a SZN 7 SB Champ right along with Anime. Up next is Woohdy (who is also a SZN 7 SB Champ) Woohdy is in my opinion the best running back in the VFL. I’ve seen no one better since being in this league. The only downside to woohdy is the baby fits he throws and the negativity he brings when the team is down on the scoreboard. If whoever he plays with can tame that, they have a star on their hands. Then there is Ibprofam who is amongst the top running backs statistically his last two seasons. With over 1500 yards and 20 TDS in his last two seasons combined he is gonna put Chubb to work. The browns did something great when getting the running backs they did. Chubb is gonna be a problem. Last but not least we got the legend, Kuhrow. Why not pair one of the best pass rushers in league history with Myles Garrett? I honestly hated playing Kuhrow with Aaron Donald a couple seasons back. The problem is that was in 22 which i hear DL wise was a different game. Kuhrow has taken a few seasons off. Will he be as dominant as he once was? Time will tell. All in all this team looks great if you like running backs and pass rushers. I do question the motive to leave so much money on the table. Why not splurge? You cant take it with you. I don’t get that portion. Braves is a good dude so i hope his team does well. I’m hopeful that Nate has a stud type season and proves me wrong. This team is built. Built with running the ball in mind. Which is gonna suck for the league because not a lot of people have run defense.

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