Wide Left Interview

Wide left is a rookie in the league who already seems to be pretty active in the league and trying to make a name for himself! From what I saw in his posts he seems laid back and chill! I wanted to pick his brain a little and get us all an opportunity to get to know him!

1. Being new to the league, what is your first impression of the league so far?

Initially I was almost overwhelmed with everything going on in the discord but in a good way. Love how much detail and thought goes into everything and it seems as if it’s very well structured.

2. How did you hear about the league?

Learned of the league from another guy advertising it in another gaming discord I am a part of.

3. Do you feel like the community will be a good fit for you?

 I’m hoping the community will be a good fit and so far I have nothing but praises for the members and community. Every question I’ve had has been answered by multiple different people within less then a minute or two each time and I’ve felt very welcomed as a whole.

4. For owners potentially looking for a backup plan, what positions do you play? As well as do you have any friends in the league that you play with?

To owners; I’m not a backup plan. I can play any position (other than D Line) and I’m confident and capable of competing at a high level. I also can highly recommend my friends @ultimateviking and @tglass19 to owners looking for competent players and if you can somehow get us 3 together I can guarantee not only success, but also the most unique and fun way of playing madden you may have ever seen.

5. Tell us something about yourself, so we all can get to know you better. (Madden stories, music, interests, whatever comes to mind)

   Gaming and Sports have been my biggest interests and influences my entire life. I have competed for money in multiple games (apex, fortnite, madden) and am currently in college studying sports management with the hopes to land a position in a professional organization. Super excited for this league and the opportunity to compete! Thanks to all who have read this and to userb flawlessfor taking the time to interview me!


  So far he seems to be enjoying the league, this being his first season I’m sure he will be looking to make a splash in the AFL with the hopes of a VFL team recognizing what he and his friends can do and maybe call them up if they begin to struggle on a line! Help me welcome wife left into the league!

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