Johnny Wheelin


Johnny wheels is a returning owner who, for some reason, gets very mixed reviews from players in the league. It seems very split about 50% of the people I see trash talking him and then another 50% love him. Personally I like Johnny and think he has potential to be a great owner in this league! His team struggled last season and he seems to have made great moves and learned from mistakes from last season! I wanted to pick his brain a little on his strategy and thoughts on the league!


1. Being a returning owner who didn’t make playoffs last season, and potentially being on the hot seat to be able to return this season, what was your game plan going into bidding?

We wanted a good team that would be QB friendly in the team bidding… we went a little over what we wanted to spend but after the results I feel we did great! For player bidding, Our was get TXJames and his guys, full the roster with guys that we enjoy playing with also are reliable and no drama. I wanted a team with no FF and no requested trades. On top of that I’d like to pile up some wins this year… we got rid or blunk the funk and are ready to roll this season.

2. There’s a lot of talk going around about your teams “incentive program” could you elaborate more on what it is? And who came up with the idea?

The idea was from, Gmen my GM. Once again we wanted to have no requested trades this season and we also wanted to try to attract people to be interested in the team.. once again we wanted no requested trades. So what we offered was a cash incentive to our top line this season… and to anyone drafted and still on the team at the end of the season we will give out some of my band merchandise. If we make the playoffs who knows what we will do but we will have a bonus for our team

3. How do you feel about the league as a whole? Do you think there’s a buddy buddy system in the league? Or in your experience would you say it’s pretty neutral meaning about half are buddy buddy system type of guys and the other half are willing to play with whoever?

The league is overall great… nothing is perfect as we all know but I believe the powers at be are doing a great job trying to balance this and help it grow. Is the league a buddy system? Of course it is, who doesn’t want to to play with their friends that they play with all the time? I get it but at the same time this is a great spot to make new friends and find new good players. It’s definitely hard to get in with some of the cliques.

4. Any advice for newcomers to the league who are looking to attempt to own a team?

Be available everyday,  be active in the group with suggestions and feedback. Take any chance that anyone will give you, VFL or AFL. Play any possible position.

5. Where do see your team ending up this season? Middle pack? Bottom or top?

I hope my team ends up in the playoffs that’s all I want. So I see us middle of the clusterfuck ready to kick ass ♿️

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