Hucci’s Post Bidding Thoughts Part 2


The Bills are pretty well balanced with old heads and fresh faces. How well that will translate to the gridiron has yet to be determined. I knew just by the owner being Mallard, that they would not get outbid on Koolaidz unless they just ran out of cap. I’ve known the likes of Mallard, Koolaidz and Fixxer since Madden 11 and they are a tough match no matter the game. To be honest we used to be bitter rivals back in the GB days but only because we had hell games and were fierce competitors. In my opinion that was the golden age of team play. Lets get back to these players though. We will start with Koolaidz, who in my opionion is a top 5 QB in this league. Koolaidz had a playoff run last season. His 25 TD to 12 INT with a 7-5 WL propelled him into being one of the highest paid players in bidding. The 12 INTS on defense probably helped too. Koolaidz is a schemer and honestly thats what makes a average QB, great. You pair that with being surrounded by his boys and probable lab partners, I expect big numbers from Koolaidz. Idk if he or Fixxer/Outlaw will be throwing to Mallard/Cascade this season but both have 12+ years worth of chemistry together. So I expect the passing to be at an all time high for the Bills this season. Couple that with getting one of the VFL vets in Shady and Karma at RB. This offense is so balanced there is no telling where the killshot will come from. Shady finally got back to RB where I feel he excels the most. Yeah he’s a decent QB but I’d much rather him be at back he is more dangerous there. Explikcit had a great showcase running read flat wheel. Idk how many will be fooled by that so I hope he has more depth to his offense. To me that’s the most questionable part of this team. Explikcit, Zabriel, Porkside and Smash don’t have much winning experience. Can they perform enough to keep the Bills contenders? In conclusion, this team has veteran leadership with Mallard, Koolaidz, Outlaw and Shady. I expect them to be above .500 but it will all hinge on these leaders putting them in a position to succeed. Whether they stay in contention comes down to the leaders.


Next up we got the Dolphins. The fastest offense in regs. With Bhedden at the helm and Cruce as GM this team is kinda stacked if you know how to use a left handed QB. A lot of people were going at the Dolphins GM Cruce and the Mut Guys (Hexied and Boxing) last season but not only did they show up, they came a fingertip away from possibly being SB Champs. Now I’ve personally known the mut guys for a few years and they got they talent to compete with anyone in this league so honestly while most of the league was surprised, I wasn’t. Bhedden locked in Cruce at GM which is a crazy pairing that I never saw coming. Not only did he get Cruce, but he got another mut QB in the draft by getting Verts. So the quarterbacks are Cruce, Bhedden and Verts. I personally have never played with or against Verts so I do not what his playstyle is like. Of the three, the only one to me looks like a true QB is Cruce. Bhedden hasn’t posted a positive season at QB according to our stats page. Verts is a noob and nobody really knows how he will shake out. The only bright spot at QB is Cruce. Lets talk about the rest of the team because to be honest it’s stacked. Management scooped up BoxingBadass which a lot of people think was top 3 DC at the end of the season. I’ve been playing with and against Boxing for awhile and he has always been a stout player. I don’t know how well his WR skills are but I know his defense is top tier. The problem a lot of MUT WR have is that hitch and go’s are banned and getting used to that and being successful is tough. Even with the hitch and go banned I dont doubt Cruce and Boxing will find some glitchyness at WR to break coverage. Lets talk the MVP Runner Up Fear. Fear went from a stellar season at RB/DL to switching positions completely. I have no doubt that Fear will put up numbers this year but I doubt it will be MVP worthy numbers. I think he would need to get back to RB for that to happen. The other RB on this team Critical Telos is a SZN 7 SB Champ. He brings character to the team, he’s a great teammate and skillful enough to give people trouble defending him. The Dolphins traded to get Accountant which in my opinion was an odd move. This team will run a lot of DB Fire and he hates that. Accountant was a phenomenal defensive pickup. Offensively not so much. He’s not really a factor on O but he doubles that on defense with the pressure he gets. As for Death and MVP there just isn’t enough stats yet for me to have an idea of what they can offer the team. In conclusion, Bhedden and Cruce have built a solid squad here. A lot of studs but a couple unknowns. If Bhedden and Verts have good seasons they could be fighting in the playoffs. I honestly don’t see it happening. A lot of people cannot utilize Tua that well. However, I’m not writing this team off because they got two 98+ speed receivers. That in itself is hard to guard. I just don’t see Bhedden and Verts doing enough to help propel this team to the playoffs. This team is stacked at WR with Fear/Boxing/Accountant. I just don’t see the QB room getting it done besides Cruce. The jury is still out on this team.

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