Will he BeHedden to the playoffs?

Bhedden is a new owner this season, he was on staff last season and decided to give being an owner a shot. We all know that being a new owner in the league can be an extremely difficult task. No one knows your capabilities yet, and that can make it difficult to convince people to take your GM spot or even have faith in you as a player, so far Bhedden’s team looks solid and doesn’t seem to have these issues. 

Let’s see what he has to say so far:

1. As a new owner in the league, how would you describe how the first couple of weeks have been?

It has been a very busy first few weeks. The amount of players moving around directly after draft has been a lot to keep up with. But it has been very fun. 

2. Picking the dolphins up for one million could definitely be a sleeper pick, you have speed all over the place. However, the biggest question mark on the team is Tua. Were the Miami Dolphins your initial pick? 

No they weren’t the initial pick at all. But I had a price cap in mind and all of the teams with QB abilities went way above it. Cruce and I talked about the Ravens/Eagles and ended up settling with the Dolphins. We knew Tua would be less than ideal but having Waddle, Tyreek, and Mostert on offense, as well as a secondary that is almost all over 90 speed seemed worth it. 

3. You have a few solid names on your team right now with Painkiller and Accountant being two of the top defensive lineman in the league last season. Would you say stacking your teams defensive lineman was a goal for you going into the bidding? Also how would you describe your strategy going into the bidding?

Going into bidding, we had a few guys that we absolutely knew we would be able to get cheap because no one knew who they were except Cruce and maybe Hexie. I was dead set on getting a couple guys regardless of cost and then going from there,  but I actually ended up getting them for a lot less than I was expecting. So I was able to spend a lot more and beef up my DC’s.

4. Who has been your biggest help so far when it comes to making sure everything is going smoothly and keeping up with how to handle things as a new owner? 

Cruce has been a huge help. Even just bouncing ideas off when it comes to trades and everything. He was the one who told me that Verts was a steal at QB even at 2.5 mil.

5. Where do you see your team ending up this season as far as standings, playoffs, etc?

I feel like we will 100% make the playoffs. We have put together a very solid team and am very happy with it.

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