Victisgaming Interview

Victims is a relatively new face to the league last season he was a late sign up and played on sixth mallards AFL packer squad, he’s a solid player with a good attitude!

1. Playing in the AFL last season what were your thoughts on that experience? And what would you like to see changed to help that portion of our league grow?

 I honestly thoroughly enjoyed the AFL. If for whatever reason, I did not end up on a VFL roster I would be totally okay playing on an AFL Roster.

I got lucky and had Mallard as an owner and he made the experience a blast. The only thing I would like to see different is more attention geared towards it. Some videos, articles, and what not to help generate some opportunities for the guys who get forgotten in the AFL. I feel like a lot of players if given the exposure could do really well in the VFL.

2. Who all is on your line this season and have y’all played together prior to this season? If so how long have y’all been playing together and what is y’all’s chemistry like?

 My line this season is Gmen1085 and Dizzel50. We have played squads for years now. Our chemistry is top notch and none of us are easily shaken. The fact we are so close I feel is a benefit. There is no chances of one of us cutting and running if things get tough. We will work hard and fix any issue we come across.

3. Do you have any suggestions to help the league get better as a whole?

  As a struggling content creator, I love what is done here so far. I would love to see some Twitch/YouTube streams that are a mock type of show you would see on The NFL Network

or ESPN. If ever given the opportunity I would like to help with something like that as well.

4. Have you met any new people since joining the league? Made any friends or enemies?

  I’ve met several people who I consider friends and they all have helped me improve my game in one way or the other. I wouldn’t say I have any enemies outside the occasional sarcastic smack talk, and even with those individuals I am able to learn from.

5. What do you think will help the chargers excel this season and help push Johnny into the playoffs?

  I think the addition of Gmen1085 as GM and James’ line will push Johnny’s team over the hump and get them into the playoffs. I have known Gmen for over a decade and he knows how to build something and make it turn out great. He has succeeded in everything he put his mind too and I don’t think this will be any different. Also with James on the line I think he will improve everyone’s gameplay on The Chargers. I have played a few games against him and he is extremely helpful, it has already paid dividends in all of our talent levels.

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