The AFL is a very important part of our league! This season The Rev God and staff have agreed to make some changes to make it more sustainable! First, I’d like to take the time to introduce our AFL owners!

  1. The Realest (AKA THEVFLGOAT)- realest has been in this league for a long time now, one of the vets if you will, he’s won multiple super bowls and is sitting out this season to focus on helping the league grow both NFL and AFL levels! (WPMOY?)
  2. Spacious horse- Spacious is usually a fairly active player, he’s pretty average madden skill wise, but a great guy to be around. Great on the DLine and I would expect him to people to help his guys in the AFL understand the rules and get accustomed to the way things are done here!
  3. Sixth mallard- Mallard was the AFL Packers owner last season and did a tremendous job running his team and doing everything in his power to make sure games were played. He had his own discord chat for all the AFL owners to be in so games are properly scheduled and if someone needed a sub he had his active team locked and loaded just so guys were getting stats and field time! Also he is the VFL Bills owner this season! I expect Mallard to train his team up well and keep them active!
  4. The Pork side- the Youngblood in the league, Pork just joined recently and has already made a solid name for himself! I’ve been in parties with him and he is super excited for the league and is a sponge for knowledge! Also knows how to play the game at a solid level as well!

Now that we have our owners out there, let’s talk about the biggest change we will see this season with our AFL! If you signed up late you will not be eligible for call up until at least a week has been attempted to be played in the AFL. This promotes activity in the AFL while making sneaky stuff much more difficult! Previously Blacklisted players must play a season in the AFL or sit out an entire season!

Also, another big change with the AFL this season is the teams! Owners select two divisions and can the players can pick from the pool of 8 teams from those divisions. This brings diversity into the teams being used in games and lets people truly show off their user skill instead of just hiding behind the abilities. Plus the ability to use 8 teams will help take away the repetitive nature of using the same few teams!

With these changes going on I see great things in the future of the AFL!

Let’s go ahead and show which owners got what divisions!

Realest- NFC South/ NFC East

Teams: Panthers, Falcons, Bucs, Saints, Cowboys, Commanders, Eagles & Giants

Mallard- AFC North/ AFC South

Teams: Bengals, Browns, Ravens, Steelers, Titans, Jags, Colts & Texans

Spacious- AFC West/ NFC West

Teams: Cardinals, Rams, 49ers Seahawks, Chiefs, Chargers, Raiders & Broncos

Pork- NFC North/ AFC East

Teams: Vikings, Packers, Lions, Bears Bills, Jets Patriots & Dolphins

Let’s give it up for these owners and wish them and their teams the best of luck in the upcoming season!

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